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Now I Know why Liberals Always Lose

Frankly, I’m amazed. Having heard for so many months that the Obama campaign doesn’t fight back against republicans, and having countered endless ad hominems about Rezko, Michelle, Ayers, Elitism, and Columns, I’m now being admonished by liberals throughout the blogosphere not to pick on McCain’s VP choice, and the contradictions in her family morality

Fine then. Hamstring yourselves. The republicans use Palin’s family values politically, as a key part of her appeal to an evangelical anti-contraception base. If those same advertised family values prove to be illusory and wrong, let’s ignore that  because we’re better than that…

Come on. We all know this argument sucks…

Sarah Palin deserves a pass perhaps. Her daughter even more so. But John McCain and the republicans don’t. That they used this woman and her daughter in their cynical manipulation of identity politics needs endless refutation and rememberance, requires constant putting about.

Let’s be clear about this. In an act of egregious cynicism and recklessness, John McCain announced Sarah Palin as his VP, without proper vetting, and merely in response to the perceived identity politics dissensions in the democratic party.

John McCain, in collusion I assume with Sarah Palin, subjected a 17 year old girl to this level of vetting and scrutiny.

I am the father of a girl, soon to be 16, and a son who is just 18. If one of them had got pregnant, or got someone else pregnant, I can imagine the repercussions.

That a politician would launch such a vulnerable person into the most important and media driven campaign in the free world defies belief.

And the fault does not lie at the feet of the liberal blogosphere. No way. It lies with cynical reckless politicians who started this.  


  1. rfahey22

    But I wonder if it makes sense merely to go after their ticket on policy grounds going forward.  I think most people will be aware of the family dynamics now that the media has gotten a hold of the story.  

  2. jonra

    If we come down too hard on this angle we turn off independents and undecided voters. If we ignore it then we are giving Palin and, by extension, Mccain a free ride.

    We need to hammer McCain on the lack of judgement apparent in this lightly vetted pick. We need to hammer Palin on her far-right political stances. There’s really no need to say any more about the daughter. Americans love this kind of juicy tidbit. The news of the daughter’s pregnancy will spread like wildfire. I say, leave it alone.

  3. BishopRook

    …And about ineffective policies, not about character or morality.

    We don’t criticize Bristol Palin for getting pregnant at a young age or for having premarital sex.  In fact, we talk about her as little as possible.  In fact, what we do is point out the hypocrisy of the Republicans claiming “it’s a personal, private matter!” when they’ve never, ever had a problem shoving their noses in other people’s personal, private matters before.

    We also attack them on the obvious ineffectiveness of abstinence-only education.

    “We’re glad that Bristol Palin has made the choice to carry her baby to term and to marry her child’s father, we congratulate her on that.  But the sad reality is, Bristol Palin is in a much more comfortable position to make those choices than most unwed teen mothers.  For many teen mothers, the choice is either a lifetime of missed opportunity and poverty for herself and her child, or abortion.  We should work to put as few young women into this position as possible, and that means supporting comprehensive sex education and wide availability of contraception.”

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