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Breaking: Obama gets Ultimate Endorsement – from God!

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Yes, it’s official. After months being courted by many candidates, on the eve of the republican convention, the Supreme Being has finally sent his own message of endorsement for Barack Obama as President.

Gustav Aug 31

Speaking through a spokesperson – a voice within a whirlwind – God Almighty (aka Yahweh, Allah) made His preference clear.

Usually I try to stay above the fray on occasions like this. But as you’ll find in the Old Testament, there are occasions when I do step into history and intervene – think Red Sea, parting of. And I consider the 2008 US Presidential elections to be so important to the future of the planet and its inhabitants, I knew had to send a clear message.

Quizzed on whether the appointment of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP hadn’t swayed His mind towards the Republicans, God had this to say .

Though I appreciate Sarah Palin’s courting of evangelicals, I don’t like the way creationists project their own design obsessions on me. I’m not a dictator or control freak, and though I might have created this whole creation thing, well, as you know, it has a life of its own. I really don’t think people should take the Old Testament completely literally. I knew those guys. They were poets and prophets, not journalists or scientists. Would you go to Bob Dylan for an explanation of the mechanics of global warming? Of course not.

Responding to the shock announcement of God’s support for Obama, John McCain was unavailable for comment, but a senior member of his campaign team, Charlie Black, had this to say:

Who cares? The whole concept of supreme being is an elitist one anyway. Just goes to show how remote and out of touch Obama is.