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Palin Less Qualified than MAYOR Kucinich

Howdy all!

Alaska has a population of roughly 670,000.  The 1970 census shows that Cleveland had a population of 750,829, and the 1980 census shows a popuation of 573,912.  Then Mayor Dennis Kucinich had executive control over a population (during his term, which ran from 1977 to 1979) roughly equivalent to the modern population of Alaska.  The “Boy Mayor” was a dismal failure, leading the city of Cleveland to default on its debt.  However, he’d had a full two years running the place.  I live not far South of Cleveland, so the story is known to me.  

Sarah Palin has been in charge of Alaska for about 18 months.  Anyone care to point out to the Republicans that Congressman Kucinich was more qualified prior to winning his seat?


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