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Column on Columns

The GOP and it’s leading spokespersons (well, Rush Limbaugh, but if it’s all you got…) are all ready to make a huge fuss over the stage at Denver’s Invesco Field.

Apparently there are columns in the backdrop.  Oh my.

What kind of hubris it would be to use columns in the background of a US electorial speech?  How assuming, how arrogant, gosh, how un-American can you get?!?

Here’s a sneak preview:


In the round, Greco-Roman columns in the background – a paragon of arrogance!

Oops, hang on a second, I seem to have mixed things up here, because That’s George Bush at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Well, you know what I mean.  Only the presumptuous Democrats would stage a scene like this:


Dangit, did it again!  That’s the Virginia GOP Governor’s convention…

Well, anyway, we all know how un-American Greco-Roman columns are!  Show me one prominent place where such foreign architecture intrudes on the Land of the Free!


Sure, yeah, whatever.  Bunch of old buildings, now show me someplace that actually matters!


Smartass.  It’s all that damn subversive Jefferson’s fault…



  1. Stipes

    You’re a god!

    And pretty brilliant…

    Okay, I’ll stop now.  Seriously, I love these pictures.  They feel so…important.

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