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Ted Kennedy

I don’t have the words composed for this yet and don’t think I will for a while.  I was born after John died and while Bobby was still alive.  Tonight I watched the last great moment of the brothers that defined the modern era, the men that my the biggest difference in my young parents’ world and, though I did not know it, my own childhood.


Tomorrow I need to talk to my Mom and Dad about this.  That implied more than I had really gotten my mind around in advance.  All I know is that I just watched a transformative moment and I’d rather talk with you about it than try to figure out how much just happened all by myself.

God Bless you, Ted.

And Bobby.


And John.



  1. jonra

    I was lucky enough to see JFK when I was 13 years old. I was 16 when he died. I never got a chance to listen to Bobby in person. I was 21 when he was killed. That devastated me. Far too many good people died in the 60’s.

    For all of their faults (no one is perfect) Joseph and Rose Kennedy raised their children with a sense of responsibility. Three of their sons died in the service of their country. The remaining one has been a force for good for decades. I salute them.

    I watched Teddy’s speech. It was a good speech, although it lacked the force and vigor of a normal Ted Kennedy speech. That is understandable, under the circumstances.

    My hope is that Teddy will live long enough to see his dream of universal health care come to fruition.

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