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Circle for Peace

Crossposted with permission from Blue Pagans

By Rita Moran


This evening, after a great supper at the Mercury Cafe (witchy, hippy hangout, great food, well worth visiting when you’re next in Denver), I had the privilege of attended a Circle for Peace in Downtown Denver.

As someone far more used to holding ritual surrounded by trees, I’ll admit I had a few misgivings. How could we create the same feeling of closeness to Nature in a downtown parking lot? No problem. If the people involved truly believe in Peace, and in each other….if those in the circle connect with Nature as it exists in that parking lot, the circle just might work.

And so it did.

We were about twenty, young and old, men and women, and we joyfully joined minds and hearts in our hopes that peace and unity would come out of this convention.

We made and decorated prayer flags which will hang from a building for the duration of the convention, and enjoyed each other’s company. Thanks for the hospitality, and the ride back to the hotel!

Tomorrow is the official convention interfaith circle. As far as I know there will be no Pagans with “speaking parts” but there certainly will be Pagans in that room. We will stand together, and represent ourselves and others who could not attend.

Wish us luck. Someone tonight said we Pagans just might represent the next big Civil Rights movement.

Speaking for myself (and, after all, I can truly do no more than that) I would be honored to carry that wand into the future.

Rita Moran is Chairperson of the Kennebec County Democratic Committee, and is attending the Democratic National Convention as an official delegate for the state of Maine. Rita, who runs a bookstore in Maine, was outed and stalked last year by a local conservative Christian organization. Since then she has dedicated herself to being an open and positive Pagan presence within the Democratic Party.

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  1. A Wiccan friend gave me three keys to place over the doorframe when we moved to Utah in the 90s (we were only three of us, then), as a sincere blessing for our new home.  I value those as much as I do anything else.

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