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Some Logo Ideas

OK. So most of you missed the design discussion: basically it revolved around colors (purple was mooted and favored by hey was anyone paying real attention) and then a more substantive discussion was had about feel.

I came up with the following designs because I had a feeling that while the title of our domain is wild and electic, we needed to counteract rather than overemphasise the motley element. I think we need something cool, modern and classy in the logo. Done some design in my time, but I knocked up these logos only to suggest a direction: no cartoons, a real moose, and a classic font

I’ll try to post in the logos below. Bear with me. I’ll have to do links and photobucket and the rest.

I’ll be away for the weekend and not back until next Wednesday, which is a pisser. But if you’re going to work on design, my feeling is it has to go in this kind of direction. I can make amendments, incorporate CG’s ideas too, but my personal feeling – at the risk of being controversial, is that the fonts and the cartoon element send the wrong message.

Some people say design is unimportant. But we have to live with it everytime we visit this blog.

Anyway, here are some talking points. My favorite is the first

Banner 1

Motley Moose 2

banner 3

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  1. OK please vote ‘use these elements but go back to the drawing board’ but it would be great to have some feedback. I’m a bloody script writer, not Leonardo Di Caprio! Or did I mean Da Vinci? And wasn’t he Jesus’ descendant? Anyway…

    More than happy to help out with the design, but concrete feedback a bit of a necessity here folks!

  2. jonra

    Let’s move all discussions about the design to the design section of the forum. It will be a lot easier if we keep them together.

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