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President Obama Hasn’t Given Up on Environmental Issues: Why Should We?

When the going gets tough, the tough say “too difficult!!” and throw their hands up in despair claiming “no one cares about the environment or candidates who are passionate about the environment”??!!??

I don’t buy it … and President Obama doesn’t buy it either.

Yesterday this arrived in my Inbox from Organizing for America:

Jan —

Right now, way too many lawmakers in Washington flat-out refuse to face the facts when it comes to climate change.

We’re never going to make real progress on this issue unless members of Congress get serious. Instead, some of them have made a habit of publicly mocking it.

We thought it was time to call them out for denying what’s basic science.

Watch this embarrassing video of climate deniers in Congress — and say you’re ready to help hold them accountable:

The science matters in this.

That’s the message way too many people in Washington need to hear right now.

In 2011, there were 240 members of Congress who voted to say that climate change is a hoax.

Most of them are still around today, and they’re getting away with it — some of them are actually proud of it. They think the whole debate is pretty funny.

If we want to make progress on climate change, we need everyone in Congress on board for a solution. It’s our job to show them there’s a price to pay for being a climate denier.

Take a look at this video and join the fight:

Get ready — more on this coming soon.



Jon Carson

Executive Director

Organizing for Action