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On Openness

A very iterative thread in my life is the belief that people don’t suck. Through continuous experience with areas where the factuality of this philosophy has present and practical application this position remains reinforced despite common consensus to the contrary. There may not be anything more defining of my experience other than a consistent resistance to the idea that only by the overbearing hand of God or Law does humanity unwillingly refrain from Perpetual Evil.

Yesterday as in many other typical days there was a conversation much to this point. Talking with a group of industry analysts about “Information Sharing and Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity” (points at the shirt he is wearing: Geeky and Proud) the summary of an hour of challenges and risks comes down to the reality that these systems are not constantly attacked by folks who want to kill Gramma in her old-age home:

Because people just don’t suck that much.

Today, another little artifact crosses my bow which makes me think again of the fallacy of negativity, and to share this note with you here. With a lovely twist of recursive logic on topic the Linkedin Open Source group I manage passes 100,000 members today. This forum for the free sharing on the topic of sharing freely flourishes in the looming absence of almost any of the controls imposed on similar forums. Through the diligent application of virtually none of the effort common wisdom dictates must be exercised, it performs its purpose more effectively and efficiently for a larger population than almost any comparable peer.