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The stupid!!!! It burns!!!!!

I just can’t not write this diary, although I wish it didn’t have to be written. We all know how the adherents of reactionary politics get branded “anti-science” – deservedly so. Problem is, an anti-science trend among the left also exists. It’s less pervasive, but when one suddenly encounters it, it’s both quite dumbfounding (surprise factor) and damaging to discourse, credibility, and any underlying progressive cause involved. One recent example made me write this diary, and it wasn’t even particularly glaring.

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Some people worry about black cats crossing their paths.

Blue jersey mom commented here today that black cats are the last to be adopted from animal shelters here in the U.S. because people think they are unlucky.

Since we just celebrated St. Paddy’s day, in honor of the Saint who in myth drove serpents out of Ireland, presumably to banish evil (though in many cultures snakes represent wisdom, and Ireland had no snakes) and we consume cereal called “Lucky Charms” in millions of bowls…and kids in my neighborhood grew up hopping over cracks in the sidewalk so as not to “break your momma’s back”, I got to wondering what superstitions you all grew up with, or practice?