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Springing into Spring … No Kidding!

Today at 16:57 UTC (11:57am RPT), the Spring Equinox occurred.

An equinox occurs twice a year (around 20 March and 22 September), when the tilt of the Earth’s axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth’s equator. The name “equinox” is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, night and day are about equal length.

The amount of daylight and darkness became equal over the past few days (on March 18, near here) and soon daylight will extend ever deeper into the evening and the early morning hours.

Spring is about hope and new beginnings and the sheer joy of being outdoors in the light and the warmth. Here is some (light!) kidding around as we celebrate this year’s Spring Equinox.

Thursday Coffee Hour: Spring Peeking Out

Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new in your life. What’s for supper? Currently I am concocting recipes that will use up the corned beef from St. Patrick’s Day. Spring is peeking around the corner here in North Carolina. A few of the trees are blooming but it looks like the rest are waiting to make sure winter has really gone away. I managed to get a few picture the other day.

Well, It’s Spring

Well, it’s Spring, and the winds are all happy,

As they blow the garbage around,

Because what else must winds be happy about

Other than doing what winds do.

And here I am in my property

Such a strange term.

I am on it, out of it, around it,

I have yet to dig a hole to be in it.

Yes, it’s Spring! And it will freeze yet again next week

It’s Predicted!

And, quite oddly, there were spurts of raindrops on the resonant metal roof of this house in which I sleep and wake and read and type and too frequently cry.

I do the cooking and bathroom stuff in the other house.

It’s complicated.

I spend time every day carrying water around. Coffee grounds for the nitrogen, and any water that is relatively unsaltified, on the yard. I buy this water and I’m damned if I’m going to just give it back.