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The Daily F Bomb, Sunday 2/24/13

Good morning! It’s Sunday, and it’s also Oscar day. Once upon a time I used to try to see every single nominated film (I never actually succeeded), but these days I rarely go to films, even with the coolest theater in all of L.A. right down the street. However, thanks to the magic of “For Your Consideration” DVDs, I actually managed to squeeze in a few this year. Hell, I’d watch it anyway, and follow it on Twitter, because it’s fun.

Anyway, the questions today are all movie related.


What is your favorite drama of all time? What is your favorite comedy of all time? What is your favorite Sci-fi/Fantasy/FX film of all time? What is your favorite musical of all time? What actor and actress to you can do no wrong? What is your favorite song that you were introduced to in a movie? And a special bonus question for movie geeks: Fave costume designer (I know not all of you will be able to answer this).

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