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After another week in the weeds I am back with this weeks installment.  Hope you have some time to chat and let us all know what is up with you.  We are here to lend an ear or a hand when you need it and to cheer for you when you have a success (of any size).


Well, after a one week break, I am back with your spot to tell us all about what is bugging you, what is making you happy, whatever.  


Another week already gone!  Many of us got snow, at least one of us got a job, all of us are working hard.  The sequester silliness continues with no end in sight and there was an actual talking filibuster!  I am no Paul fan and it was only a way to get some facetime on TV but I appreciate the effort of actually doing a real live filibuster and I agree with him on this particular issue.  Maybe the only thing I agree with him on but it is important to look for common ground.  


Hi there everyone.  We made it through another week and into the sequester we go.  Sometimes I just can’t believe the idiocy that reigns in congress.  Lets see what happens now.  My congressman has gotten emails from me.  My senators have heard from me.  My facebook feed is full of uninformed ranting from people I haven’t seen since college (in a very red state).  Methinks it is time for a facebook vacation.


It is Friday already.  This week absolutely flew by.  So it is time to let it all hang out folks.  Lets hear about the great things that happened and the not so great things that happened this week.  I am here to cheer and to sympathize if necessary.  No accomplishment or problem is too small.  I like to hear em all.  

Lets get to it…What are you ruminating on?


Friday is here again!  We all made it through Valentine’s Day unscathed, I assume.  The line at the grocery store was more fun than usual yesterday will all the older gentlemen with their roses.  Why not do this on other days of the year?  I am personally not much of a fancy flower person – while I think they are pretty, I would much rather have a plant that would last.  Or a gift certificate for yarn which was discussed yesterday.  

Well, lemme have it.  What are you all ruminating on this week?