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10 questions to distinguish truly progressive politicians

I’ve come up with 10 questions that I think distinguish progressive candidates. I’d like to ask each congressional candidate these 10:

1.  Would you vote to repeal the Patriot Act?

2.  Would you vote to repeal No Child Left Behind?

3.  Would you vote for a truly inclusive Employee Nondiscrimination Act?

4.  Would you vote to decriminalize marijuana?

5.  Would you vote for a law saying marriage is between any two consenting adults?

6.  Do you support a woman’s right to choose abortion, without restriction?

7.  Would you vote for a truly progressive tax system?

8.  Would you join the International Criminal Court?

9.  Would you vote for the Kyoto accords on the environment?

10. Would you support a “Manhattan project” scale effort to fund and develop renewable energy sources?

Then what I would do is compare the percentage of correct answers to the share of the vote Obama got, and fund people who were more progressive than their district and more progressive than their opponent.