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The Making Location: Palms, Passover, Madness

Welcome to the Making Location, the Moosely place for all things hand-made, home-made, crafted, fashioned, done yourself, hobbified, cooked, written, etc.  This is where we share, admire, and we can try to problem-solve too.  

I have a few things from around the tubes to share, and updates to my Lenten project, described in my previous WAYWO.  


Daughter, in her newer, better, fuller pioneer skirt.  I must love her a lot for letting her use that beatiful Northcott-Monarch fabric from Jennifer Wheeling’s Victorian collection.  😉

I also want to apologize for my lapse.  Baseball season started, and it has thrown the carefully  balanced chaos in Casa Jenn for a horrible loop.  Beading has all but stopped.  Suppers around the table are rare.  I am hoping the scheduling gets a teeny bit better after Easter, but this next week will be challenging.  

The Making Location: Not Making Much 3/7


Oh hai!

I have overuse and tension in both shoulders and across upperback.  After a knock-down drag-out tension headache over the weekend, I have iced, stretched, and started some very specific exercises with weights.  

The Making Location: For Whom Do You Make?

Do you create for others?  For family members, for charity? I recently reflected on for whom I create, and I have a special project for the Lenten season, which I celebrate before Easter.  

The Making Location

Welcome to the Motley’s Moose’s Weekly Gathering for all things made by us!  No matter your methods, you may share!  

I have 3 knitting projects on needles, one swatched, and one abandoned one to pick up.  

Also, brownies are coming out of the oven right now.  

I only have photos of one item to share: