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Bill Tchakirides

A Moose Needs Love Today

News has just reached me that a long-time Moose, btchakir (Bill Tchakirides) has had a brain tumor removed and is recovering.

I would like to see how many of the herd can leave a note of love and support on his beloved Under the Lobsterscope  blog (also found in the Moose With Blogs list on the right bar under his Moose name). His family is watching it for him at the moment and I am certain that it would give him and them some warmth knowing there are others out there thinking about him.

With classic humor under fire, bill posted this note before going into surgery.

Bill’s wife Ellen has posted some updates on his progress, most recently on January 20:

Hello – I am updating this page for Bill. We are in our second week at Bill’s daughter Penny’s house in Williamsport, MD.

It has been quite a change and adjustment for us. We had to change our doctors and activities from Frederick, MD to Hagerstown, MD. Bill does need someone with him at all times since he is a fall risk. He has completed 20 sessions of radiation and 20 days of chemo. When the Chemo and Radiation are complete, we will have to wait two more weeks. Then they will do an MRI to see how he has responded. He is enjoying Penny’s cooking, and watching cable TV. He misses his dogs and friends and posting to his BLOG. I hope he will be updating this BLOG himself soon!


Please, take a moment to love bomb Bill.

Spread the word if you can.