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Governor Pain

Sarah Palin has been: busted using Yahoo personal email to go around the requirement of transparency and accountability in government affairs; kicked out of a speaking position at a jewish group’s event on Monday after trying to turn it into a campaign event; pulled off a trip to California; ordered her husband to commit contempt of court, who will likely be charged for this in January when the Alaskan Legislature is in session; caught taking 11 items through the ten-item lane at Wiggly Piggly…


You know, this is just getting boring.

You Want a Fight?

So, the Democrats, the media and the Obama campaign have been the subject of untold blogosphere angst in the past few days.  There is no hope, there is no fight, The End Is Near and we should all consider sepuku now while we can maintain our honor.

Perhaps the folks running the current Democratic presidential campaign, perhaps the media, and perhaps even the bulk of the Democratic political machine has an idea of how to fight back.  Maybe, maybe even Senator Obama can throw a punch.