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Obama Shows His Trump

The evolution of events that has led up to the past few days has been hard to put into perspective. More than the events of the weekend, large parts of the population are swinging inside their own heads in their view of Barack Obama in the context of their entire time with him. For many it may be hard not to  experience it similar to the moment when you realize that your quiet card partner hasn’t been just sitting there but has actually lined things up to win the game. He laid his trump out for all to see, and when someone has them all there isn’t anything anyone can say about it.

Do we really want the birthers to go away?

So now that Obama has finally released his long form birth certificate, after a suspicious delay that might have fooled those 9 doddering black-robed ivy-league intellectual elitists on the Supreme Court but certainly couldn’t pull the wool over the eyes of salt-of-the-earth, heartland-loving, small-town-fantasizing ordinary Americans, the patriots are satisfied.  Right?  

Dog's Breakfast: An Unappetizingly GOP 2012 Open Thread

As with automobiles, the new model year is out early in GOP 2012 presidential candidates. Advertising is flowing fast and furious to convince the buying public that Brushforward Styling and Birther Bumpers are All The Rage for 2012. Whether more than half of interested parties will sign on the dotted line after the salesman talks football with his manager (“I have to clear this Special Deal with my boss, you hang tight right here”) is an open question.

What do you think? Will the puppy eat the reconstituted beef gristle and pork snouts?

Consider this an olfactorialy offensive Open Thread.