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Mad Props for Turtles

Every year, millions of tiny turtles crawl forth from their sandy birthing holes along beaches around the world.  In a scene to set fear into the heart of the most hardened marine they storm their beaches in reverse, working against odds higher than Normandy to reach the safety of the sea.

Every year, after decades of surfing the deep currents of the world’s oceans, hardy veterans of the cycle of life and death return to the exact same beaches they stormed in their youth.  Landing craft for a new generation, they plant their biological claymores and leave them to explode into the world in their own time.

For all the trials and travails we perceive in our dry world, we suffer no more and reap no less than the leathery warriors who storm the beaches age upon age.  We can take a lesson and face our beaches with as much grace.

Consider this an open thread.