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Enough to Know

As we consider the construction of national and global situational awareness systems to secure our manifestly complex infrastructure we run into a range of hurdles. Several of the more critical hurdles relate to the scope of the datasets needed. How do we get huge amounts of data from millions of facilities? How do we keep these vast pools of knowledge from becoming an Achilles’ Heel that attackers leverage to bring down everything at once?

Fortunately, some of the answers to these questions come from making things simpler rather than harder. From doing less, rather than doing more.

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Hammer Time

There are times for finesse and then there are times for blunt force. Determining which is which is often the defining characteristic of success in any endeavor. The ongoing efforts to address cybersecurity risks and threats to industrial systems have for many years been a period where finesse and patience rule as we slowly accrete the requisite components from which a solution can be constructed. The time has come, however, to swing some hammers.

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