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Why Don't Chinese-Americans Vote Republican?

By: inoljt,

The Democratic Party has always been the party of immigrants. Even as everything else about the party has changed, as it has turned from a party of Southern whites to the exact opposite, immigrants continue to vote Democratic. In the 1850s the immigrants were Irish-Americans. Today they are Mexican-Americans.

Of course, not all immigrants support the Democratic Party. Many immigrants, such as Cuban-Americans and Vietnamese-Americans, vote strongly Republican. There is a very simple explanation for why this is so, an explanation that requires merely one word:


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Recommended Daily Irony: Chinese State Media on Internet Free Speech

Like a panda with a Fabrege Egg, Beijing paws out a torrent of controlled spontaneity in response to Google and Secretary of State Clinton’s recent public commentary about free speech on the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal has this today on the bureaucratic spasm over the Chinese Government’s waning control of the thoughts of its citizens:

Dozens of commentaries were published and broadcast across major state-run Chinese media for a second straight day Monday calling allegations by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Google Inc. hypocritical and accusing the Internet company of becoming a pawn in an American “ideology war.”

The media onslaught followed a series of statements from the government that dismissed both Mrs. Clinton’s remarks on Internet freedom last week and allegations by Google two weeks ago that sophisticated cyber attacks targeting it and many other U.S. companies had originated in China. The commentaries largely accused the U.S. of using “Internet freedom” as an excuse to incite anti-China forces, to infringe on other countries’ domestic affairs and to mislead Chinese Internet users.