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Can I Get A Witness?


Is is just me, or do Fundamentalists  confound you too?

From the wording of this sign, it would not be a stretch to infer that our current president has led us away from God.

Neither would it be a stretch to assume that they also prayed to elect him in both 2000 and 2004.

Does this not call the results of their prayers into question?

Did George turn us away from God?

Would they vote for him again if he could run?

I wonder if they ever think about these things?

Oh wait. I forgot.

Free Thinkers go to Hell.

Never mind.

The Lounge: Get Thee To A Polling Both

John McCain and Sarah Palin thought that they had found the secret to winning Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.

The Amish.

Unfortunately, a few missteps and the whole thing back fired.

Someone noticed the Donna Karan tag on Sarah Palin’s bonnet.

McCain’s brother, Joe, told the crowd that they could all go &^%$ themselves.

And everyone was completely confused by

“Ezekial the Electrician.”  

The Lounge: I’m Ready For My Closeup

The Hollywood Reporter has hinted that several producers are looking for the right vehicle for Sarah Palin, should she be “available” after the election.

Among the possibilities are:

A news program on Fox

“Red, White and Gucci”

An afternoon talk show

“The White Oprah”

Or a reality series featuring the entire Palin family

“Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?”

Actually that one’s already taken.  

The Lounge: What Price Vanity?

Fashion rarely follows politics, but as in so many other things, this year is different.

Women are wearing ‘Sarah’ glasses and displaying big smiles.

Democratic men, like ‘Joe the Senator’, are getting hair transplants and displaying big egos.

Republican men, like their new hero, ‘Joe the Plumber’ are shaving their heads and displaying big ass cracks.

The Lounge:Set em Up Joe

They all have their favorites.

Sarah has ‘Joe Six Pack’.

McCain has ‘Joe The Plumber’.

Barack Obama has “Joe The Running Mate’.

That leaves the rest of us with

‘Joe: the guy who couldn’t afford a plumber so he just said “screw it” and went out and bought a six pack.’  

Lounge:Quiet On The Set

As the elections go into the home stretch, several movies are coming out to take advantage of the political circus.

Oliver Stone is about to release W, his version of the Bush story starring Josh Brolin.

Before Sarah Palin’s fifteen minutes are up, Larry Flynt is rushing out a porno pic starring a Sarah Palin look a like. (Rich Lowry’s pick)

And Documentary film maker, Ken Burns, is putting together a film about the voters themselves.

“The McCain Mutiny”  

The lounge:Palintology

When asked what they would do if they were to lose this year’s election, Senators McCain, Biden and Obama, all said that they would return to Washington and continue to faithfully serve their country.

Governor Palin has said that she would return to Alaska and has invited her newly found faithful to follow her there.

“When they arrive I will personally greet each and every one with a nice glass of Kool Aid”.