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Mystery Question

Just a quick question. Over at GOS I co-host the Monday Mystery thread. I post a diary on various mystery writers and their books every other week. Are their any mystery readers here who would be interested in my cross posting my diaries here?

Cover Artist!

My first cover art is up on the award Hugo award winning Drink Tank at…

Chris said: “That there is a Michele Wilson cover! I love her stuff, and I’m so glad that she gets

so much my way.”

A Personal Remembrance on Memorial Day

On this Memorial Day I am remembering the members of my immediate family who served in the Armed Forces.

 photo UncleBud_zps05d5427a.jpg

Colonel Norwood Hughes

11/10/1914 – 09/25/1992

My Uncle Bud was a career soldier. He served in the Western front in World War II.

 photo UncleGeneinWorldWar2_zps12a5d1c5.jpg

Private Eugene Hughes

10/01/1924 – 07/04/2006

My Uncle Gene lied about his age to join the Army in World War II. He was captured by the German Army and spent time in a prisoner of war camp.

 photo Hazel_zpscbe2efe6.jpg

Sergeant Hazel Adele Wilson

05/19/1917 – 12/08/2001

Aunt Hazel was one of the first women to join the Women’s Army Corp.

 photo Myeverlovinwhenwewereengaged-MaybethisisthepicturehesentmebeforeImethim_zps34df7faf.jpg

General Jack Lloyd Wilson

01/30/1919 – 05/04/1999

My Dad was in Tinian in the Pacific during World War II. Dad helped to develop the encryption device that was used during the war. He remained in the Army Reserve all his life and was made a General.

 photo Mikewhenhewasinthearmyasan18yearold-HewenttoVietnsmshortlyafterthat_zpsfc4a533e.jpg

Master Sergeant Michael Eugene Wilson

12/03/1946 – 05/29/2013

My brother Mike was a Vietnam veteran. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam as a Chaplain’s Assistant. He won the Bronze Star for bravery when his unit came under attack and he rushed out and threw two of his fellow servicemen onto his shoulders and carried them to safety.

They are all gone now but on this Memorial Day I am remembering them with love and pride.

Thank You

This will be short and sweet. I asked yesterday for prayers and good wishes so that we could get the house sold. Just got off of the phone with the Realtor. We have a firm cash offer on the house and should be able to close by the end of June.

Thank you for all your support of me and the positive vibes you sent towards the buyers in Indiana. It worked!

No Money Just Positive Thoughts

As many of you know I had to clean out my parents home in November after the sudden death of my brother. It has been on the market ever since. I have had to use most of my money to keep it going. We may have someone ready to make an offer. I’m asking for positive thoughts, energy, and prayers that this happens.

One of my younger brothers is disabled. He and I reconnected after a period of estrangement by virtue of not talking politics. If the house sells I can get him out here from California and into my apartment complex. We both have health problems and can look out after each other. We need the house to sell for this to happen.

So bombard the people looking at the house with good vibes so they will buy the house.

And for those who have been asking about buying my artwork I have found a couple of places to sell it.

You can find merchandise with my artwork on my Zazzle account:…

You can find prints of my artwork on my Fine Arts America account:…

When Mother Nature Refuses to Let You Sky Watch

As North Carolina’s Legislature tries to out stupid Texas with bills saying that you can’t observe the rise of sea level and rely on science that only the crony appointed Coastal Management Commission can do that I have come to the conclusion that Mother Nature has gone on strike. Now I haven’t run these observations through the science geniuses of the Legislature (snark) but notice the pattern.

An Aspie Success Story

I have written before about my grandnephew Tristen who has Asperger’s Syndrome. He has not had an easy time of things. His mother had to fight the establishment to even get a correct diagnosis for him. She was on Medicaid after she was dumped by her husband with three children under the age of six with $15.00 and one suitcase of clothes for all of them. No home. No food. No anything. She refused to give up and finally got the Asperger’s diagnosis and was able to start trying to help her eldest son.

I took a long time for Tristen to come to grips with his emotions and learn how to function with his Asperger’s. He had many meltdowns and more than one hospital stay. He and I were always close but I had to be a distant presence in his life because I was caregiver for my Mom. Tristen missed out seeing his great-grandmother when his Mom and the other two children came up with her then fiancĂ©. Tristen was in the hospital after a major meltdown and his maternal grandmother was taking care of him.

After Mom’s death I moved down to be closer to Bernadette and the children and her new husband. Tristen and I have a special bond. We have been close since he was born. As he has gotten older Tristen has started to show interests in many of the things I am interested in. He is a good artist. He did a great picture last Christmas of Nathan Fillion of Firefly on black paper with white pencil. He loves computers and is the family’s tech support. He got involved in technical theater. I have my degree in theater. He has started to watch Shakespeare. I love the Bard.

Tristen is now a Junior in High School. He is Treasurer of the National Honor Society. He is one of the senior tech persons for the school’s theater. He is doing incredible art.

He was just named “Student of the Year.”

So for anyone who has Asperger’s, for anyone who has an Aspie child, for anyone who loves an Aspie like I do let Tristen be a shining example. Aspies can succeed. Aspies are incredible people. And for my Tristen a great big Woo-Hoo! I am so proud of you.

Thursday Coffee Hour: Oscar Wilde and Dreamers (An Art Diary)

Cross Posted from Street Prophets)

Welcome to Thursday Coffee Hour. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new in your life. If I had to choose an historical person to go back in time and meet I would probably choose Oscar Wilde. There is something fascinating about him and he intrigues me. Ever since I read The Picture of Dorian Grey I have been a fan of his. I use one of his quotes as a signature line.

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” Oscar Wilde

I realize that as a night owl I see the moon a lot and an occasional sunrise since I’m usually asleep when the sun comes up. I do use those times a lot in my art. So in honor of Oscar Wilde here are moons and sunrises.

Sunday All Day Brunch: Different

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Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new with you. I have been doing an enormous amount of work lately on updating old art. I started graphic art in 1998 when it started getting too hard to hold a pen or brush. The state of art back then was not the highest. My ability to use the new medium was also a beginner’s ability. In the 15 years both of us have matured. I have learned to do all sorts of manipulation to get the pictures I want and the industry has grown to give me the tools to make my art more realistic. Follow me below the orange squiggle de doodle and I’ll show you what the industry and I have learned over the past 15 years.

Sunday All Day Brunch: A Magician Named Merlin

Cross Posted from Street Prophets

Welcome to Sunday All Day Brunch. This is an open topic thread so help yourself to the goodies and sit a spell and let us know what is new in your life. Today I want to pay tribute to a beloved companion who has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I write a lot about Pixie who was my Mom’s caregiver as much as I was. However Merlin was my baby from the time he was 4 weeks old and he was my solace in difficult times.