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Loretta Lynch Confirmed as the next Attorney General of the United States

From Washington DC:


Zerlina Maxwell retweeted

PoliticsNation ‏@PoliticsNation 8m8 minutes ago

BREAKING: Senate confirms Loretta Lynch as attorney general after historic delay  (Getty)

Ian Millhiser ‏@imillhiser

“Now that these fools voted for me, I’m taking all their guns & giving them to the New Black Panthers.” -Loretta Lynch, about 5 minutes ago

        ^^^ I am relatively certain that this is snark.

GottaLaff ‏@GottaLaff

Someone should tell Cruz the #LorettaLynch vote is over and he can slither back in now.

TBogg ‏@tbogg

John McCain — who chose Sarah Palin to be one of his last heartbeats away from the presidency — voted against Lynch.

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  1. DeniseVelez

    spent the morning looking at the predictable heads exploding on the right.

    Have to admit, I was grinning from ear to ear.

    Sadly some of the heated rhetoric matched the tone (and content) of some of the screams from so-far-to-the-left-they-are-right so-called progressives.


    Must add my thanks to AJ Holder for standing up under having been held in “contempt of Congress”

    I wish we could hold the current R plus backward D’s Congress in contempt

  2. DeniseVelez

    NPR reports

    Lynch is also likely to need help from the Senate in filling a series of key vacancies at Justice. The veteran Atlanta prosecutor nominated to serve as her second in command, Sally Yates, has yet to receive a vote from the full Senate. And others, including associate attorney general nominee Stuart Delery and civil rights nominee Vanita Gupta, have not even had nomination hearings.

    Yates has taken on child sex traffickers in GA.

    Gupta has an ACLU background “where she oversaw the ACLU’s national criminal justice reform efforts”

    According to the NY Times Delery is the highest ranking openly gay official to serve at Justice

  3. Diana in NoVa

    Love your tags on this diary–yes, it is about damn time. Here’s hoping RWNJ heads will continue to explode and that LL will be the best attorney general ever.

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