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Seasonal Change at Mts. Baker & Shuksan

Mt. Shuksan in the clouds across Picture Lake

Mt. Skuksan

Last weekend appeared as if it might be last chance I could get up to Mount Shuksan  and Mt. Baker National Forest before the snows set in. So, with grand kids again, I went up to see the Fall colors and what happened to the plants that I saw on my last foray a couple of months ago.

This is largely a photo diary of Alpine scenery in the Mt. Baker National Forest and Wilderness Area.

Mountain Ash berries- unsure of the species as the leaves were gone.

Lakes below Table Mountain

Huckleberry turning colors all over

2014-10-20 baker.Oct.14 060

Granddaughter Ava, able hiker takes a rest

Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea). I think?

I am assuming that this is actually Pearly Everlasting, but what ever it is, its flowers are still hanging in there as of October 19th.


  1. Ronk

    of the Pacific Northwest. This probably the last chance before the snow flies. It has rained every day since we went up.

  2. princesspat

    Seeing the photos is a treat for stay at home me. I wonder how many Ava snapped as she went up and down the trails?

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