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DICK Cheney Should Really Really Really Shut the FREAK Up Already

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Actually, that’s basically the whole diary.  The only thing I want to hear from him is an unqualified apology.  And I doubt he’s ever apologized to anyone.  Not to Leahy for cussing him out on the floor of the Senate.  Not to the chap he shot in the face.  No one.  I’ll bet if he accidentally stepped on your foot and spilled hot coffee down your shirt in an elevator he wouldn’t apologize.  

I don’t want to read about Megyn Kelly “schooling” him.  Why should she get to use him to feign journalistic responsibility and rational thought?  I don’t want Rand Paul and Pat Buchanan using him to create an illusion of vibrant political diversity in the GOP.  I don’t want anyone beyond the local Jackson Hole media covering him.  

So, that’s my argument.  He should really really really shut the FREAK up already.  Really.


  1. After you wipe away the tears of laughter reading about his calling out the Obama Administration for incompetence … you are left with outrage that anyone is giving him and his demon spawn a platform to spew their nonsense.

  2. GlenThePlumber

    actually the opposite…she allowed him to counter all the negative replies to his recent comments…she didn’t pushback to his replies to her.

    but other than that…I agree 100%…STFreakU..!!

  3. Portlaw

    were killed and maimed and see their sorrow and anquish. He should spend the rest of life working as a volunteer in a veterans’ hospital here or in Iraq  

  4. We won’t learn from this war unless we push back hard against the neocons who are claiming that it was lost because President Obama did not keep a standing army there. It was lost when we went there trying to bomb people into democracy.

    Smartypants has a post on neocon repentance:

    … unlike some of his neocon counterparts, [Peter Beinart] openly admitted his error and examined how it came about. Instructive for understanding his recent column criticizing President Obama’s Iraq policy are his insights about what he got wrong.

       I supported the war because I considered it the only remaining way to prevent Saddam Hussein from obtaining a nuclear bomb.

       I also believed it could produce a decent, pluralistic Iraqi regime that might help open a democratic third way in the Middle East between secular autocrats and their theocratic opponents: a third way that offered the best long-term hope for protecting the US.

       On both counts, I was wrong.

    What I’d call your attention to is the fact that Beinart thought that a military invasion “could produce a decent, pluralistic Iraqi regime.” Aside from ignoring the ongoing clash between Sunni and Shia that fuels much of the conflict in the Middle East, he bought into the idea that the United States can bring democracy to a country via a military invasion. That’s classic neocon BS and has always struck me as obviously paradoxical.

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