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  1. DeniseVelez

    As a native New Yorker – though no longer living in the Big Apple I had to grin this morning when via the Daily Banter

    I got to see this video of a NYC passenger on a bus – who decided he’d had enough of a woman whining about the bus being late because it stopped to pick up a woman in a wheelchair.

    Passenger Puts Angry Woman in Her Place

  2. I was laughing at the Wall Street Journal going after Scott Walker for cutting a deal on the John Doe investigation. They have gone all-in on declaring that it was a partisan witch-hunt and now he appears ready to throw the national right-wing organizations under the bus. Hey, WSJ! Welcome to the Trashed-by-Scott-Walker Club! The difference is that Wisconsin was blindsided … you had a lot of evidence to show that he only cares about one thing: Scott Walker. Hug a snake, get snakebit.

    I was also amused by Orrin Hatch declaring that if Hobby Lobby loses their Supreme Court challenge he is going to sponsor a constitutional amendment to fix that darned First Amendment that the librul Supreme Court just keeps trampling:

    Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) said on Monday that if the Supreme Court rules against Hobby Lobby, which sued the federal government to block Obamacare’s contraception mandate, he’ll propose a constitutional amendment.

    “We’re in danger of losing religious freedom] today because of some of these liberal courts and some of these liberal judges,” he said of the [Religious Freedom Restoration Act passed in 1993. “I don’t care which church you belong to or whether you don’t belong to a church. Religious freedom is what keeps us free almost more than anything else.”

    Holy mackeral! Anyone looking at the current SCOTUS and declaring it librul and saying that it treads on religious freedom has his head firmly up his butt.

    It set up a Twitterstorm on hashtag #HatchAmendment. My favorite:

    If I have time, I am going to post President Obama’s address to West Point cadets. There is a lot of good stuff there, including reaffirming his commitment to getting out of our cycle of endless wars. Thirteen years in Afghanistan. What a bloody waste.

  3. anotherdemocrat

    Surprisingly sleepy, though my head was on the pillow before 10 last night. Must eat enough so I can have some caffeine. Also have a cup of hot Throat Coat tea with honey, but I’m hot so I’ll wait for it to cool down some.

    Glad to see Mr. Wheaton’s diary still at the top of the rec list at the orange place. (it’s about a friend of his whose husband was hospitalized with cancer & the insurance company is saying that it isn’t “medically necessary”) That situation is so sad, and needless. If we had single-payer health care, damned (and I mean that in the literal, religious sense) insurance companies would be out of business.

    It’s nice to see all the tributes to Maya Angelou. 86 seems young to me, since I talk to people older than that every day.

    Ok, going to zone out for a few minutes before the day begins.

  4. princesspat

    I may have just set a new record for oopsie posts :) Waking up real slow this morning…..and whatever I said I was going to do yesterday didn’t get done, becasue like today it was cloudy and raining. I did go to the pool then I napped the day away.

    Hmmmmm……I think confusing the shift and enter keys while yawning is the multiple posting error. Time for coffee!

  5. bfitzinAR

    Still not sure what I’m going to do about Grey Kitteh but the Peeps have largely assured me that keeping an FIV+ cat is not a problem even with other cats as long as the cats get along.  (At least get along well enough that there’s no biting since biting is how FIV is transmitted.)  I’m still waiting to talk to another sanctuary, the head of our shelter to see if she knows of anyone/group who’ll take him, and another vet.  If all alternatives turn up zip, I’ll get Grey snipped and then see if the pack will integrate.  Not sure what I’ll do if they don’t.

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