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Wednesday Watering Hole: Check In & Hangout for the Herd

Good morning meese! Happy happy Wednesday!

  PLEASE Do Not Recommend the check-in diary!

        Recs on the weather jar comment are still welcome.

The common Moose, Alces alces, unlike other members of the deer family, is a solitary animal that doesn’t form herds. Not so its rarer but nearest relative, Alces purplius, the Motley Moose. Though sometimes solitary, the Motley Moose herds in ever shifting groups at the local watering hole to exchange news and just pass the time.

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The morning check-in is an open thread and general social hour.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti

    High of 71 if it matters. The storm that brought a foot of rain in 24 hours (literally, and I mean the actual literal kind of literally) down south yesterday is visiting us, though we’re only expecting 3-5″ today.

    Ever have one of those days where folks twanged on your last nerve so bad you took.a vacation day the next day to recover? What shall I do with my day off?  

  2. It is 47 degrees here on its way up to a high of 50. Rain and more rain in the forecast.

    A day off, iriti? When I used to take mental health days, I would sit lie around and read. Maybe a good book or two would soothe your twanged nerves.

    Excellent news out of Wisconsin yesterday. A victory for those who want to protect the franchise. I am hoping to get a chance to break away and write it up. This quote from Federal Judge Lynn Adelman (Clinton appointee) while striking down the Voter ID law needs to be read and re-read:

    “There is no way to determine exactly how many people Act 23 will prevent or deter from voting without considering the individual circumstances of each of the 300,000 plus citizens who lack an ID,” U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman wrote. “But no matter how imprecise my estimate may be, it is absolutely clear that Act 23 will prevent more legitimate votes from being cast than fraudulent votes.”

    “… cases of potential voter-impersonation fraud occur so infrequently that no rational person familiar with the relevant facts could be concerned about them,” Adelman wrote.

    No rational person would be concerned. But plenty of devious people intent on disenfranchising 300,000 voters many of whom will vote for Democrats in November 2014.

    Anyway, off to the salt mines. PLEASE stay out of trouble all y’all!

  3. anotherdemocrat

    It’s cool this morning – in the 50s. Makes the full shoes & knee socks bearable.

    I was actually asleep when the alarm went off. Pretty remarkable for me.

    Earworm courtesy of the cute Scottish boys: Called Out In The Dark

    A day off….. I’d go to a movie & a book store.

  4. Portlaw

    will stay there, with rain, rain, rain,

    Good news coming from Wisconsin. The news from Oklahoma reminds me, yet again, how much I am against the death penalty and how much I hate our former governor, George Pataki. One of the first things he did on assuming office was to restore it. It’s since been tied up in legal action and David Patterson subsequently got rid of Death Row.

    French cousins coming Sunday and am trying to think of things for them to do that they will enjoy. But now, the salt mines and coffee.

  5. HappyinVT

    but, alas, work calls.  I could still wear jammies but that still strikes me as weird (yes, I work from home). Overnight rain was good for my plants, though.  My mockorange bushes are supposed to arrive today and I am like an expectant daddy pacing the waiting room.

  6. bfitzinAR

    actual rain but that appears to have gone elsewhere.  Need to check and possibly water my itty-bitty hazelnut bushes tonight (if you can call something that’s 6″ tall and has 3 leaves on it a bush).  Not a good portent going into summer.  As of last night my PV system has generated over the course of 5-1/2 mostly semi-cloudy days some 57 KW or about half my monthly usage in a non-A/C month.  Falling further and further behind in my summer payroll stuff.  And of course I’ve got another meeting about summer/next FY payroll stuff taking up a chunk of today.  So….  borrowing from JanF – Have a great day, Meeses! :)

  7. princesspat

    Warm weather and sunshine has me itching to plant flowers, but my visiting sister didn’t come to work in the garden so flowers will have to wait… foot will appreciate the recovery time as well.

  8. DeniseVelez

    woke up early and had a light-bulb moment – decided to write a totally diff Sunday piece than the one I had filed. So had to get to work and knock it out.  Then moved on to paper grading :(

    Tomorrow is next to the last class before finals then I’m free!!!

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