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The Train Trip

A lot of you asked if I would do a diary about the train trip my brother and I took from California to North Carolina. It was an adventure all right. We had to detour around up through Wyoming because of all the flooding in Colorado. Then we got stuck for five hours when an 18 inch section of the train broke beneath the train. We had to wait until it was fixed and we were in the middle of nowhere. All in all we were ten hours late making Chicago and missed connections. They put us up in a hotel and we travelled on the next day.

One of the things I did was bring my Fl’obble Captain Jack (C.J.) along. I decided to use the trip as an excuse to bring the news to people about the great work of RACPA-UK who makes L’arpies and Fl’obbles. They are fighting hard against child peornography and abuse. I did a web page dedicated to the trip from C.J.’s point of view and to promote their good work.

So grab a seat and enjoy C.J.’s Great Adventure.…

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