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News and Views: Found on the Internets – Sunday, 08/25

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John Lewis At March On Washington: ‘I’m Not Going To Stand By And Let The Supreme Court Take The Right To Vote Away’

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) – who was the youngest speaker during the March on Washington in 1963 – delivered a passionate address about the importance of protecting voting rights at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial fifty years later, as thousands gathered to celebrate the anniversary of the historic event on Saturday.

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A Guide To The Nation’s Most Vulnerable Governors

Democrats Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo look like safe bets for re-election in California and New York, respectively. And, despite the pending retirement of Rick Perry, Republicans are confident of maintaining their hold on the governor’s mansion in Texas.

But Florida, Pennsylvania and Illinois all feature embattled incumbents whose reelection campaigns will easily cost tens of millions of dollars. Michigan GOP Gov. Rick Snyder could also face a real contest.

In all, 36 states will be voting for governor in 2014. All but a handful will feature incumbents favored for re-election.


OOPS: Obamacare Opponent Is Very Impressed With The Law He Hates So Much

After [Kentucky public health workee Reina] Diaz-Dempsey explained that he will either qualify for tax credits to buy insurance through Kynect (the state’s new insurance marketplace) or an expanded Medicaid pool in October, the man seemed pleased and mused, “This beats Obamacare, I hope.”

Kynect is actually one of the statewide insurance marketplaces at the heart of Obamacare, and the Medicaid expansion is another provision that stems from the health reform law. But Diaz-Dempsey doesn’t tell the man that – figuring the connection to Obamacare might actually dissuade him from pursuing coverage in a state with terrible public health demographics, where one in every five adults is uninsured.

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Black Lung Has Been On The Rise For Years, But A Long-Delayed Rule Might Finally Stop It

As cases of black lung surge in coal country, the Obama administration may finally be moving forward with a long-delayed rule to protect coal miners from the deadly disease. On Thursday, a notice posted on the administration’s Office of Management and Budget website said a final version of the rule was sent to the White House on Wednesday.

The new rule, first proposed in October 2010, aims to reduce miners’ exposure to coal dust. The dust causes the irreversible and potentially fatal black lung disease, which has been on the rise in recent years. The rule would seek to tighten allowable levels of coal dust exposure, as well as require continuous personal dust monitors for miners and change how companies monitor dust exposure.


Republicans being Republicans …

New Jersey Senate Candidate To Single Mothers: Stop Relying On Food Stamps And Go To Work!

Six Colorado Counties Will Vote To Secede And Form North Colorado

Senator Claims Pentagon Policy Allowing Gays To Marry Harms Straight Couples

GOP Sen. Coburn: Obama Getting ‘Perilously Close’ To Impeachable Offenses


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  2. ‘It’s Going To Backfire’

    These kinds of procedures that are being put in place to slow the process down, and make it likely that fewer Hispanics and African Americans might vote I think is going to backfire, because these people are going to come out and do what they have to do in order to vote and I encourage that.

    And they aren’t going to vote for the people who are seeking to disenfranchise them.  

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