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Saturday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

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The morning check-in is an open thread posted to give you a place to visit with the meeses. Feel free to chat about your weather, share a bit of your life, grump (if you must), rave (if you can). The diarist du jour sometimes posts and runs, other times sticks around for a bit, often returns throughout the day and always cares that meeses are happy … or at least contented.

On weekends (and holidays), you may find the check-in thread earlier or later than normal because … it is the weekend! Moosies need their beauty rest:

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. kishik

    planted peanuts this year.  Do you think they’ll be harvesting them, too??

     photo peanutflower_zps75176946.jpg

    overcast.  Supposed to shower.  We need the rain…

  2. Jk2003

    Beautiful morning. A Canadian high pressure system has moved in bring dry air and will make for a gorgeous weekend.  Or so Tom skilling  told me last night.  It is gorgeous.  

    We have two parties today with the kids, both outside so that is good.

    Have a great day!

  3. JG in MD

    Meeting the Very Interesting Person in an hour and a half at Panera up the street, near where she lives. She’s a colonel in the Pentagon about to retire and interested in genealogy. Found my name on the Internet and wants to chat.

    This will be so much fun.

  4. nchristine

    Grandpa does nothing but encourage it!!!

    Grandpa is soooooo indulgent with the girls.  He lets them get away with stuff that he’d have blistered our behinds for!!  Yeah, I know… that’s what grandpa’s are for and he’s their only grandparent.  The third and youngest niece isn’t in any of the videos yet….  Grandpa is definitely involved with the most recent upload.

  5. Hot and humid today. After spending six hours cleaning the apartment yesterday I think kicking back and relaxing sounds wonderful. I managed to really wrack up my arm so I’m babying the mother of all bruises.

    Working on trying to get my brother out here from California. I think he is going to sell the car and get one out here. It would make the most sense. He has to be out of his place by September 30th so we are in hustle mode at the moment. It will be good to have him close by. He has severe diabetes and MS that is in remission so I worry about him.

    We want him all settled in because we have a movie date for the second Hobbit movie. I obviously come from a family of geeks.

    My neighbor next door has an adorable little boy around eight I would guess. He asked if his friend could see my art so I had them in and then he had his grandmother who was visiting come in and then his Mom. His Mom really like “Morning Has Broken.”

    Morning Has Broken photo MorningHasBroken2_zpsdefc0f5f.jpg

  6. Nurse Kelley

    For the one or two people who haven’t seen this (it went national) a Colorado Springs restaurant had their dumpsters stolen two nights in a row by a truly smart bear. This is night two:

  7. Khloe

    It’s going to be a rainy one today. Alerts are up warning us to watch out for flooding waters taking over the streets and highways. Abernathy has decided that he might as well nap all day, since the magpies will be busy with the rain.

    Have a great day, everyone!

     photo catlullaby.jpg

  8. princesspat

    If the sea trial today goes well we may have finally sold the boat. I’ve been wistfully thinking we could enjoy one last trip to the San Juan Islands…but we still can via the Wa. State Ferry system.

    We went to the boat Thursday to pack our personal furnishing. It was my first trip back after BCH and it didn’t take long for me to realize that my small boat days are over. My leg just can’t handle the strain of balancing on the boat and negotiating the docks. It was a bitersweet moment as we left, RonK with a dock cart full of stuff and me with my cane…

    So I’ve cried a bit and am now back to being grateful for the fun times we had…..and that I didn’t die on the damn boat!

  9. JG in MD

    She’s a colonel, call her V, who works in the Pentagon building, so we talked rings and spokes. It seems some of the corridors have been blocked off to make more office space, so you have to go up a floor or down a floor to get to the ring that goes to the ring you’re headed for. I walked miles to get where I was going ca 1982 and now it’s even worse.

    V is retiring early next year and wondering where she’ll live and what she’ll do with her time. Genealogy is one of the choices, not just her own family but professionally as well. So we talked about the World of Online Genealogy. I told her who was the most active in the profession and discussed how things have changed since 1995 when I started.

    One small problem: I took too much pain reliever. My thoughts were chugging up the mountain pretty slowly after an hour and a half or so.

    We chatted about everything in the world, not just genealogy and The Building. I was able to articulate some of the ideas that have been vague in my mind for a long time. (One remark of mine made V say “that’s a really good point” and I was relieved that my mind was fully functional, drugs or no drugs.)

    Thought-provoking conversation over coffee-what a concept!

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