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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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The morning check-in is an open thread posted to give you a place to visit with the meeses. Feel free to chat about your weather, share a bit of your life, grump (if you must), rave (if you can). The diarist du jour sometimes posts and runs, other times sticks around for a bit, often returns throughout the day and always cares that meeses are happy … or at least contented.

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. ilovecheese

    Bullwinkle got me up at 5:30 to feed him breakfast. I tried to go back to sleep but I was unsuccessful.

    I hope everyone has a beautiful day!

  2. Portlaw

    It’s in the high sixties and thinking about the low eighties. Am back from a few days in the Catskills. Now, it’s time  for coffee and the news. Have a feeling that the coffee will be better.

  3. kishik

    beautiful out today!!  Cool and skies clear.  Humidity supposed to be low and temps only 84.

     photo 710677c9-0864-47cd-8457-ed4a1bbaa89f_zps76060e2b.jpg

    …smell my feet!

    some pooties are just so rude!


  4. Diana in NoVa

    blue skies, clear air, deep shadows, going for a high of just 83 F. Reminds me of the Bard:

    Full many a glorious morning have I seen

    Flatt’ring the mountain tops with sovereign eye

    Kissing with golden face the meadows green

    Gilding pale streams with heavenly alchemy…

    What I love about Shakespeare is that he knew exactly how everything felt: a beautiful day that makes you happy to be alive, the suffering caused by unrequited love, the delight of gazing on something truly lovely, and so on.

    Lots to do today:  buy colored paper to print out copies of the Lammas ritual, hunt for the Loreena McKennett CD for the music, gather everything for the dressing the altar.

    There’s a book review I need to finish, but I find book reviews very difficult to write–particularly when the subject of the book is deeply disturbing, as this one is.

    Hope everyone has a delightful day!

  5. DeniseVelez

    have been up since about 3AM writing, the time slipped past.  Having my 3rd cuppa java, and will dive back into text and editing in a few.

    Needed a Moose break :)

    Good morning.


  6. emeraldmaiden

    and cat butt viewers. My two are lounging in spots of sun, while Rich and I enjoy the cool morning and drink our coffee. It’s 68 right now, and is supposed to hit about 83 today.

    Caught up with the canning yesterday – did six quarts of kosher dills (2 chips, 2 spears, 2 stackers), and a couple of quarts of tomato sauce. Today, we’re going to dry some herbs, and maybe make pepper jelly, but that’s about it.

  7. anotherdemocrat

    They didn’t seem that worried about the fire on the news this morning, so I won’t either.

    Eating breakfast (oats, almond milk, fruit). Drinking tea. Gym bag is here. Despite the 100+ temps, I intend to meet my workout groug – group #1. Still thinking about group #2. 7 am on Saturday. But – really good coaching, and lots of support. Otoh, doing a 2nd round of fundraising… On the 4th hand, training with a group that are all aiming for the half…. I just dunno.

    Anyway, today: work, dinner at my 3:30 break. workout.

  8. slksfca

    Foggy again, exacerbated by smoke from forest fires up in Oregon. Yesterday the Bay Area was under health advisory due to particulates in the air which are wafting south from all those hundreds of miles away. Amazing.

    Would have made for a spectacular sunset here if only the sun had been visible through the mix of fog, high clouds and muck.

    This does help explain why it was so unnaturally dark all day yesterday, which really creeped me out.

  9. bfitzinAR

    QC committee mtgs ran long last night – not good for my blood sugar to not get dinner til 8 – but we did agree to actually spend the money we should have spent in the first place on the County Animal Shelter.  We need a full-time staff vet instead of the part-time contract vet, another vet tech, and at least one more person “floater” to fill in where necessary.  The Rs, who forced us to try it “on the cheap” all agreed that we needed the “upgrade” – so now the issue goes to Personnel and then Finance committees next week and finally to the Full Quorum Court 8/16 – after which they can actually start advertising for the positions.  I can’t say it was a great evening, but it was a very good outcome.  {{{HUGS}}}

  10. JG in MD

    The Goulet Pen Company in Ashland, VA needs a warehouse person. Brian and Rachel Goulet sell paper, pens, ink and writing accessories, which sounds dull, but it ain’t office supplies! It’s all about ink colors, glorious fountain pens, the best paper to combine with certain nibs and ink textures, lovely writing of all kinds, and like that.

    Brian and Rachel are wonderful people, loved by all of us inky-fingered wretches. We’ve cheered them on as their business and their kids have grown.


    Here’s what the job is about.

    This job will definitely make someone happy.

  11. princesspat

    The grand girls and Maggie (their dog) piled on my bed before 7:00 this morning……a busy and fun day ahead! Yesterday we went to the library and they left with a bag full of books. Today might be a good day to visit Marine Park.

    oops…..the photo is large but I copied it from the city website so I don’t know how to re size it. As you can see it’s a lovely park and just down the hill from us. The kids and the dogs will have fun on the beach and I’ll be under the tree :)

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