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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. jlms qkw

    possibly dropping to 72, high of 96f today.  

    have a great day!  

    what did karzai did now?  

  2. Diana in NoVa

    Looks as if it might rain any minute.  Went out in the backyard yesterday, came back in with an itchy face and forearms in spite of washing with Tecnu immediately afterwards.  Wish I knew what causes this rash.

    Hoping to go to the gym this morning, work on a couple of book reviews later, and start packing for our visit to Austin.  We hope to fly out Friday morning.

    A new tropical storm is surging through the Caribbean and making its way toward Miami.  Hope it whirls itself out at sea instead of coming ashore.  How about all that rain in Toronto?  Haven’t been there since 2008 but the thought of water flooding the subway system freaks me out!

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  3. iriti

    72 and rainy-ish here. Headed for 82. Off and on chance of maybe possibly rain and storms and whatnot. Supposed to be nice this weekend but not until.

    Gotta go get the first in a series of three shots in my decrepit arthritic right knee today. The shots hurt and the knee aches for a week after each shot so I tend to wait until the knee hurts bad enough to motivate me to put up with that. So of course I’m whiny now because my knee hurts.

    I’m really thankful for these shots; they’re saving me from having to get the knee replaced (at least for now). But I still hate ’em.

    Happy Tuesday, all.

  4. HappyinVT

    Little humidity although we are expecting thunderstorms this afternoon.  Lake Champlain is .36 inches below flood stage.  Wish we could bottle rain and send it to those who need it.

  5. nchristine

    Then maybe clear up and rain again later this afternoon.  The afternoon/evening rains will push out the humidity – thankfully!!

  6. wordsinthewind

    I have more medical tests this morning, at least these don’t require that I show up fasting. Grace is making good progress on the house training, mostly she is at least in close vicinity of the puppy pads. She is so sweet natured that even our old dog is finding her hard to resist.  

  7. PadreJM

    I had to postpone for a few days moving back home.  Still a lot of prep today, and I ended up crashing yesterday.

    Staff orientation all day today.  I’m excited about it.  I’m not terribly fond of staff meetings, but this one is different.  It’s like welcoming the arriving cavalry.

    Not much else to report, and I doubt if I’ll be able to pop back in today.  So I’ll just wish y’all a great Tuesday.

  8. anotherdemocrat

    Well, the cool weather went away. Spent itself all in 1 mid morning rain yesterday. Sigh. It’s already 75, highs will be back to 100s this week. They’re filming the NBC show Revolution here (I’m hoping for some Billy Burke sightings, because, well….. sigh…..) Anyway, I hope none of them get heat exhaustion.

    I slept until at least 4-something. Which is better than 3:45.

    I’ve got to get back to exercising. A week of rest is enough. But I didn’t pack the gym bag this morning. Of course, when I get home, I could always swim laps. And now ironically, I’m hearing the song Chocolate in my head. And I’m really not a chocoholic.

  9. DeniseVelez


    Am spending the morning listening to rain and storm music, since playing tunes about sunshine hasn’t changed the weather 🙂

  10. Nurse Kelley

    Unless we get a thunderstorm, the high will be 80° and I’ll be forced to take a nap. Retirement is so demanding. 🙂

  11. slksfca

    Foggy again. Yesterday turned out to be one of those weird days with both hot sunshine and biting wind. Walked over to the doctor’s office for appointment and got there sweaty and shivering all at once.

    Today, laundry and housework. But first I’m going back to bed for a couple more hours’ sleep.

  12. bfitzinAR

    and too warm to open the house and air it out this morning.  Trying not to fall asleep in front of the computer since I didn’t get any last night.  I can’t think of anything as thick as the mucus that sort of – with a lot of help from swallowing – oozed down the back of my throat last night.  And in between forcing sludge to actually move down my throat so I could breath I was obsessing on the Quorum Court (Finance Committee mtg tonight) and the last meeting that produced the ungodly precedent of ruling that a person’s property rights are trumped by NIMBY neighbors even if said property owner has fulfilled all legal/environmental requirements.  And there was no compromising with this group – if they could even see the cell tower, it was supposedly impinging on their property rights (and since they have good cell service from towers in other people’s back yards they didn’t give a good god damn whether folks down the road needed that tower to get service – and they do for 911 coverage if nothing else).  OK.  Rant over.  I hope everybody has a good day.  {{{HUGS}}}

  13. anotherdemocrat

    (what I did not get a picture of — Cecile hugging me — she remembers me from when she lived here before)

    a woman getting an autograph from Ceclie Richards:

     photo IMAG0255_zpsffba9a79.jpg

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