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Welcome, all ye who enter here, to a Lounge’y diary that really ought be titled: ‘Kysen is Bored’

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While up to my eyeballs in the (ever so exciting) task of cleaning up my external hard drive…I came across an old set of answers to one of my favorite internet ‘quizzes’.

Since I was, as previously mentioned, rather bored…I decided I would take it again.

Join me below to learn more.

(come on…you know you wanna!)

The quiz I took again was the Belief-O-Matic. While it is probably more ‘fact’ based than most internet quizzes, I still look at it as entertainment (remember this, please). I first came across it a decade (or more) ago…and I’ve taken it a few times over the years for grins.

The Belief-O-Matic is a 20 question quiz that claims to be able to pinpoint your religion (or what should be your religion). It is entertaining…and has the bonus of being educational as well.

While the definitions of the possible faiths may not go into great detail…they are detailed enough that most folks ought be able to learn something about a faith that they did not know before.

I will share my results, but, really, I’m interested in seeing the results from other Moose…so, if you will take the quiz and post ’em I’d be mighty pleased. I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts on your results…or, your thoughts on others’ results.

My results were a wee bit different this evening than the last time I took the quiz (a few years back)…but, only deviated by a couple placements being ‘flipped’ in order. I found those minor discrepancies to be of interest.

All in all it was a pretty good way to deal with my boredom (certainly better than Mahjong!)…so, please, take the quiz. If not to help with your own potential boredom…to help with mine! /grin


Remember, please, this is meant to be for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY (bonus if it is informative as well). Please don’t let it somehow turn into a Holy War on the Moose.

(Disclaimer Disclaimer: I really don’t think the above disclaimer necessary…but, in blogdom these days, who knows?)

My Results:

1. Unitarian Universalism  (100%)

2. Liberal Quakers  (86%)

3. Theravada Buddhism (81%)

4. Neo-Pagan  (80%)

5. Secular Humanism (78%)

6. Mahayana Buddhism (77%)

7. New Age  (75%)

8. Reform Judaism  (73%)

9. Taoism  (68%)

10. Mainline to Liberal Christian Protestants (60%)

11. New Thought  (56%)

12. Jainism  (54%)

13. Christian Science (Church of Christ, Scientist) (53%)

14. Nontheist  (53%)

15. Orthodox Quaker (52%)

16. Scientology  (52%)

17. Hinduism  (50%)

18. Sikhism  (45%)

19. Baha’i Faith (41%)

20. Islam  (28%)

21. Mainline to Conservative Christian/Protestant  (28%)

22. Orthodox Judaism (28%)

23. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons)  (27%)

24. Seventh Day Adventist (25%)

25. Jehovah’s Witness (16%)

26. Eastern Orthodox (14%)

27. Roman Catholic  (14%)

Take it here:


Did the Belief-O-Matic get it right?

Will you be moving to Tibet or joining up with the Sea Org?

Post your results…let us know!


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  1. Kysen

    I’ve long considered myself an agnostic with athiestic tendencies. I’m not inclined to believe that God exists…but, then again, I do not know what I cannot know.

    That having been said, what I DO know is that I am very accepting of other faiths. Believe what ya wanna believe, so long as it does no harm to others (or, one would hope, yourself), it is fine by me.

    I don’t know why I have so much Eastern thought at the top of my list…the fact that I was not brought up in the Church (and the fact that my parents were ‘hippie light’) might have something to with it.

    I took a similar, more in depth, test looong ago. One that just spit out ONE result instead of a ranked list. It had me then pegged as a Reform Jew. I often said since that, while I am not Jewish, I am perhaps a bit Jew’ish. /grin

    I do wish that Scientology were further towards the end of the list.

    So, Moose, did the Belief-O-Matic get your faith right?

     photo debe287f-6b32-4ef1-b20c-8bdf525cca5a.jpg

  2. PadreJM

    It thought I should be an Orthodox Quaker, an entirely non-liturgical tradition, when in fact, I’m a traditionalist Catholic who happens to take seriously Christ’s injunctions against judgmentalism, his exaltation of peacemaking, and his commandment to serve the poor and marginalized.

    Like most “pop theology” exercises (including most treatment of religious subjects by the secular media), it can’t break free of defining core religious values strictly on a conservative-liberal continuum, and equating orthodox theology with conservative social and political positions.

    Entertainment?  Maybe.  I find it too disheartening to have been very much entertained.

  3. Nurse Kelley

    I’m supposedly a Unitarian Universalist, whatever that is; I’m actually a lapsed Catholic who walked away from organized religion decades ago when even my juvenile mind could see the craziness in “Love thy neighbor but keep the blacks out of our churches.”

    I actually saw this diary pop up on facebook (I know! OMG!) and wanted to thank you for yesterday. When one can’t or won’t speak, it’s nice to have a friend show up.

    Love you, Kysen!

  4. PadreJM

    when suffering from boredom, it is probably self-defeating to post anything having anything to do with religion within my line of vision.  Once you’ve put that nickel in, I can (and many will say “definitely will”) rattle on endlessly.

    At Mass, my homilies usually end with a “great awakening,” if you catch my drift.  😉

  5. jlms qkw

    they show up in the email?

    it thinks i s/b Orthodox Quaker, lol.

    i’m a liberal protestant, liturgical.  (ELCA Lutheran)

    some of  the q’s were weird.  

  6. Avilyn

    Unitarian Universalism

    You have Unitarian Universalism beliefs (100%)

    Secular Humanism(85%)

    Liberal Quakerism(84%)

    Liberal Christian Protestantism(67%)


    Reformed Judaism(64%)

    Theravada Buddhism(61%)


    Mahayana Buddhism(57%)


    New Age(53%)



    New Thought(43%)


    Church of Christ, Scientist(40%)

    Orthodox Quakerism(38%)


    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(25%)

    Conservative Christian Protestant(24%)



    Orthodox Judaism(18%)

    Seventh-day Adventists(14%)

    Roman Catholicism(13%)

    Eastern Orthodox Christianity(13%)

    Jehovah’s Witnesses(8%)

    New Age/Neo-Paganism was my top when I first took it, but I’ve been drifting to a more agnostic/atheistic view in the last few years.  

  7. kishik

    Unitarian Universalism??? 100%

    Liberal Quakerism(88%)


    Secular Humanism(72%)

    Mahayana Buddhism(70%)


    Liberal Christian Protestantism(67%)

    Theravada Buddhism(65%)

    Reformed Judaism(64%)

    New Age(62%)



    New Thought(49%)


    Church of Christ, Scientist(44%)


    Orthodox Quakerism(39%)

    Bahá’í Faith(35%)


    Conservative Christian Protestant(25%)


    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints(22%)

    Orthodox Judaism(22%)

    Seventh-day Adventists(20%)

    Roman Catholicism(15%)

    Eastern Orthodox Christianity(15%)

    Jehovah’s Witnesses(15%)

    ps – I was raised as a Methodist Protestant – and do not attend church or participate in any organized religion!

  8. JG in MD

    I’m a Unitarian Universalist according to the quiz.

    But I’m really a partial, some of the beliefs but not others, Gnostic.

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