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My Ambivalent Birthday & What You Can Do

Today is my birthday.  47 years ago, in a small college town in the Midwest, a young married couple had their first child.  Dad was in between his sophomore and junior years.  Mom was a secretary.  They had their 2nd anniversary earlier that spring.  

Please consider giving $10 to Heifer International.

I have been rather iffy on my birthday since my parents died.  My life is kind of crazy right now (yes, still), and I wanted to try to do something a little positive.  So I am going to ask here, and on Twitter, and Facebook, to raise money for Heifer.  My goal is $480.  

I am not tracking anything, so unless you tell me in comments or private message, I won’t know.  

Oh, let’s make this sweeter.  Every $10 gets you a ticket, and I will draw for a prize winnter and knit a hat for them.  Deal?  I am also really good at knitting baby socks right now.  


My small plans today include a stop by the yarn store (sock yarn for my son, consulting on legwarmers for my daughter), the pet food store (so the kitties don’t eat me alive), and taking the kids to their dad’s for the afternoon/evening.  I am trying to take a break from politics for a couple days.  These plans are much bigger than I have had the last couple of years.  So it’s a start.  


  1. wordsinthewind

    a happy birthday and some family gets a heifer, that’s a wonderful program that really does make a difference in peoples’ lives.  

  2. bfitzinAR

    I’m already giving monthly to Heifer – this is the wrong month for me to manage an extra gift – but I will seriously think “jmls qkw blessings” when I send out my regular gift.

  3. HappyinVT

    I turned 48 in May and have decided it is the last birthday I’m celebrating until 52.  (I don’t like odd numbers so I can’t celebrate 49 or 51 and I sure as hell ain’t celebrating 50.)

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