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Saturday All Day Check-in for the Herd: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. Diana in NoVa

    Floated through yesterday in a dream of happiness because it was such a perfect summer day. We had low humidity, an utterly clear blue sky, deep shadows–it was like the morning of Aphrodite’s birthday.

    And tomorrow there will be a Supermoon! I’ll have to go out and stare. We’re enjoying glorious weather right now but next week it will be ‘ot, ‘umid, and ‘orrible, as my husband has been known to put it.

    Guess what, this morning I am going to dress up as a Republican and go to one of their meetings! Have a few questions to put to our local representative. Wish me luck!

  2. The back edge of a storm might sweep here or miss us altogether. nchristine is likely going to get rain. Shouldn’t last long, though.

    Then it’ll warm up with temps in 90s and high humidity. A good day to stay in. I’m glad I ran my errands yesterday.

    YOGURT! I made yogurt yesterday for the first time. I’ll test it today.  

  3. wordsinthewind

    and not muggy, most welcome. All the critters have been fed and re-settled for their morning naps. I have a project to start, my friend asked me to make the centerpiece for her daughter’s baby shower. i’ve been pondering and getting together the materials since it has to be taste specific for her young daughter’s chosen theme. I think I know where I want to go with it. I have figured out what’s important to both of them so with that covered they’ll like it.

  4. PadreJM

    has been oddly more common the past several years.  Even the climate change skeptics remark about how our hills have been greening up earlier, staying green longer, and we’ve been experiencing what, for our generally moderate climate, more extremes in weather.  Winter snow, for example, is occurring less often, but when it comes, it’s a major dump, and in Summer fewer hot days, but they’re hotter.  Of course, they’re not willing to concede these as anything but random anomalies.

    Meanwhile, the skies are darkened by clouds, which are supposed to give way to a sunny afternoon and weekend.  It’s 59° outside now, with a predicted high of 86°.

    Things are still tense in our building at work.  So far, it has not affected our ability to serve our clients or communicants.  A couple of our cooperating agencies, older and more established local charities, have agreed to write letters of support on our behalf to the building owner.  It remains to be seen whether that influences him to make a reasonable accommodation for us.  If push comes to shove, we also have the offer of the pro bono services of an attorney, but I’m hoping it does not come to that.

    Mass today is that of a 4th Century Saint, Paulinus of Nola, a man of great wealth who had an epiphany after a personal tragedy, and responded by distributing most of his lands and goods to the poor, much to the consternation (and resistance) of his family.  Kinda helps to keep things in perspective, that with all the struggles, and despite my own numerous faults, I aspire to maintaining a long tradition of a Christian piety which translates into service to those whom the world counts as “the least of these.”

    Thanks for letting me pour this out into pixels.  And y’all have a great early summer weekend.

  5. nchristine

    it’s been.

    Now, I remember why being on-call sucks…… got called at 11.36pm – up until 4.15am…. got called again at 5.30 and awake again at 7.30…. luckily the issue turned out to not be serious and what I had done made it work by brute force – the boss has restarted the server and things should be good now.  The storms yesterday may have contributed to the server issue….(it was so dark that the street lights were on at 10am yesterday)

    I’m going back to bed….. will get new tires another day!!

  6. Jk2003

    Raining but still supposed to push ninety today.  Working till mid afternoon.  Then rooting for the hawks tonight!  Have a great day.

  7. princesspat

    And last night the cloudy sky opened for a lingering summer sunset. Gifts of nature…..

    Our Oregon daughter and her family are coming for a visit today. They will be here through Wednesday so I’ll check in when I can.

  8. slksfca

    Another sunny morning in the fogbelt. Today should be the nicest of the week. Tomorrow and Monday, rain. RAIN? Yes, rain. Rare for June, but not unheard of.

  9. I swear we have thunderstorms coming in for the next year. Sigh. No Super Moon again this time.

    Feeling a bit better. Still taking it easy all weekend. Right now Pixie is yelling at me to go lie down again.

    Found out how much we are getting from the house. It will be enough to pay off the credit cards from getting everything ready for the house to sell. Plus I’ll have enough of a cushion that I can afford to take the train out to California to meet my brother and take a train back here to North Carolina with him.

    Plan for the weekend is resting and working on art.

    Red Sky photo RedSky-2_zpsa7888096.jpg

  10. Instead I put things away, cleaned the calcium and grit out of my iron, and cleaned the bathroom. I cleaned most of the bathroom. I swept but did not wash the floor to get the spider poop and bug detritus cleaned up. That will be a different day, I guess. The spiders like that room as we rarely go in there, so they leave little messes all over. Fortunately they are not webby and don’t leave big stringy messes for me to walk into.

    Alrighty, now going back to sew…  

  11. slksfca

    I haven’t had a Percocet since night before last. This is the longest I’ve gone without so far without suffering withdrawal symptoms. It’s been a long and ugly process getting (nearly) pill-free and I hope it will be a long while before I need prescription pain meds again!

  12. I’m draining the whey off of it now so it will be thicker, a la “Greek” yogurt.

    I had some with a spoon of raspberry jam and a little homemade granola.

    Supposedly I should save the whey and use it… somehow… too.  

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