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When Mother Nature Refuses to Let You Sky Watch

As North Carolina’s Legislature tries to out stupid Texas with bills saying that you can’t observe the rise of sea level and rely on science that only the crony appointed Coastal Management Commission can do that I have come to the conclusion that Mother Nature has gone on strike. Now I haven’t run these observations through the science geniuses of the Legislature (snark) but notice the pattern.

The Super Moon observations were impossible because of cloud cover. The meteor showers again couldn’t see them because of cloud cover. Venus transit the sun again we had cloud cover. Yesterday’s eclipse of the sun well even if we were in the right position Mother Nature wouldn’t let us see it.

So for my progressives here in North Carolina whose Facebook news feed is full of the conflict of interest, anti-science, anti-poor people posts each morning here are some artist renditions of what is happening in space until we can pacify Mother Nature and elect a new Governor and Legislature composed of adults this time.

Super Moon

Super Moon photo SuperMoon2_zpsadfc55ca.jpg

Meteor Showers

Meteroid Shower photo MeteoridShower_zpse7954517.jpg

Venus Transit the Sun

Venus Transit Sun photo VenusCrossingtheSun2_zps1b0bcc85.jpg

Solar Eclipse

Ring of Fire photo RingofFire_zpsfb4c5379.jpg


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