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Friday Coffee Hour: Check In and Hangout for all Moosekind

Good morning, Moosekind. TGIF! Don’t forget to let your peeps know where to find you.

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Friday Coffee Hour and check-in is an open thread and general social hour. Come back when time allows through the day – the conversation continues.

It’s traditional but not obligatory to give us a weather check where you are and let us know what’s new, interesting, challenging or even routine in your life lately. Nothing is particularly obligatory here except:

Always remember the Moose Golden (Purple?) Rule:

Be kind to each other… or else.

What could be simpler than that, right?

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  1. iriti

    50 here, headed for a high of 81. Possible thunderstorms the only downside to today’s weather.

    Taking Kidlet and a friend to a Scotty McCreery concert tonight. That’s country, not my thing. We are taking them but letting them go in by themselves. Trs and I will be a mere phone call away.

    They are so excited. Mom, OTOH, is a tad nervous.

     photo aamakeup.jpg

  2. Light rain, expected high of 58 degrees. I have my window open but I also have my sweatshirt and slippers on.

    Good morning, iriti!

  3. Jk2003

    My two year old woke up in one hell of a bad mood.  He has followed my husband into the bathroom just screaming at the top of his lungs.  We are unsure what he thinks is wrong but his two year old tantrums are wearing thin with me lately.  I was spoiled with my first child who doesn’t throw tantrums ( though she can be sassy when the mood strikes).  My strategy is to try to ignore him but occasionally he will throw something and then I have to get involved.  At that point I usually just hold him until he settles down.  It is good exercise, holding a writhing strong toddler.  Then he stops, looks at me, dries his eyes and says “sorry mommy” and moves on like nothing ever happened.  I, however, hold a grudge ; )

    Enough of the parenting woes.  Fifties and cloudy today.  Rained last night.  Cool but sunnyish this weekend.  I am taking the kids to the mall to let them run around today.  I wonder how old they will be when they realize there are stores in the mall.

  4. pittiepat

    birthday, our celebrations are nothing like they used to be when we were much younger.  Either of our birthdays were Party Time.  All caps Party Time.  As time went on it was just out to someplace nice for dinner, now it’s just a HB’day.  Have to say I miss the rowdy ones, but then we could both hold our liquor better than now.

  5. DavidW

    Looks like we are in for a warm one today. Have some errands to run and maybe look for something to paint next week. I need some inspiration. Hope you and the Meeses have a good weekend iriti.

  6. wordsinthewind

    and good morning to all Moose. It’s a bit cool this morning with overcast skies, we’re supposed to have a good chance of rain today and stay in the low to mid 70s. It’s been a good morning for everyone, especially Grace who managed to actually poop on her puppy pads first thing. She’s settling in for her after breakfast nap on mr w’s lap. Our old dog is starting to get over being mad at me for bringing the puppy home, last night she got up in my lap for a good snuggle.  

  7. slksfca

    And happy birthday to Kelly The Nurse!

    Low 50s and foggy here. Should warm up some later, to mid-60s. IOW, a typical day in these parts. 🙂

  8. With thunderstorms coming in tonight and tomorrow. Had a major scare last night. I woke up at 2:30AM feeling like I was drowning. I couldn’t breathe. The bronchial tubes were full and fortunately the cough mechanism went into overdrive and I coughed up a ton of junk. Left me weak and shaking.

    Will probably sleep most of the weekend away.

    Happy birthday to Nurse Kelley. May you find your Secret Garden to curl up in and read a good book.

    Secret Garden photo SecretGarden_zps81e590d2.jpg

  9. Diana in NoVa

    and heading for a high of 84 degrees F.?  Can this  really be happening?

    Today after Grandpa picks up Miss Pink Cheeks from day care, we’re going to make healthful blueberry muffins for a Mother’s Day present for Mommy.  The recipe is in the preschooler magazine, High Five, which I subscribe to for MPC.

    She’s going to spend the night with us, so we’ve got the “I Love Mommy” sleepy-clothes, microwave popcorn, and perhaps even a movie all lined up, unless she wants to “read” me a story.  I bought her a copy of The Toddlers’ Bible. She thinks Grandpa and I look like Mr. and Mrs. Noah, and Mommy and Daddy look like Adam and Eve. 🙂

    Tomorrow is Mommy’s graduation from University of Maryland University College with a master’s degree in accounting.  It’s being held at 0-dark-thirty, ugh.  But afterwards we’ll have a nice lunch.

    So sick of Benghazi, the un-scandal!  Eugene Robinson nailed that in this morning’s Op-Ed page in The WaPo.  He pointed out that the “Republic” members of Congress CUT funding for security for the State Department.  So the deaths of those murdered Americans can be laid squarely at their door. May their spirits rest in peace.

  10. JG in MD

    and g’mornin’ ev’ybuddy. The A/C has been turned on in the complex, I found two white shirts at the Salvation Army store half-price day (Talbots and Liz Claiborne), the Nats are winning, the sun is shining & rain will wait until later. Life is good.

  11. anotherdemocrat

    I’m supposed to drive to San Antonio today, gonna wait till the weather chills out. Doing a triathlon tomorrow, if it isn’t canceled because of the weather. Or if I don’t just panic & not go. I’m really not prepared — haven’t trained hardly at all. Sigh.

  12. Nurse Kelley

    This week’s storm deposited 36″ of precious snow on the summit of America’s mountain. If I weren’t so sleepy, I’d go find the weather cam that shows it.

    I don’t pay much attention to birthdays, but 65 feels like it deserves celebration. Am I now officially old? In the infancy of old age, and thus entitled to behave badly? 🙂

  13. bfitzinAR

    Fayetteville, AR is relatively warm/cool at 61 – it’s foggy and the “locally heavy” thunderstorm we had last night left evidence of water over the bridge at the end of my street.  I’m doing my best to “let go and let god(dess)” take care of Reggie – not call the clinic repeatedly to see how he’s doing and if they’ve placed him yet.  (Actually, from the phone call yesterday, he’d probably be happy as a “clinic cat” if they just let him run around in the back when the clinic’s closed.  He apparently loves all the attention he’s getting from the folks coming in.)  Charlie and Cloud are settling down and things are much calmer at home.  Anyway, I’ll think of something to celebrate Kelley’s birthday with – after I get some more coffee in me 🙂  Sending bunches of {{{HUGS}}} to everybody – virtual {GROUP HUG} makes a nice b’day present!

  14. DeniseVelez

    Yay! my writing chores are done and heading out to the garden store to buy my mom’s day rose bush.

    Y’all have a very good day!

  15. princesspat

    Trying to do my indoor chores while the actual sun is shinning outdoors is a challenge! But after the pool today I need to pay some bills and tend to the laundry or else….

  16. slksfca

    …I’m going to go lie down for awhile. Got a busy afternoon ahead with no time for napping so I’m getting it while the getting’s good. ;-p

    Happy Friday, Mooseopolis. I’ll be back later, or maybe not ’til tomorrow (and I hope not TOO early!).

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