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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!



  1. Khloe

    44 degrees with a high of 60 today. Another half inch of rain expected to add to the flooded river and farmers fields. Judging by the amount of work left for me, work missed me this weekend. Job security and all that.

    Early Police Call Box

     photo catregeneration.jpg

  2. JG in MD

    Exercise class today. I plan to subvert the awful workout tape and the awful leader who leaves a lot to be desired. She won’t let the Zoomba teacher Zoomba until we’ve exercised to the tape for 45 minutes and worn ourselves out. I’ll go in at 9:30 instead of 9:00, start in the middle and still have some energy to dance.

  3. Good morning Meeses. It is still overcast here which figures because of the comet viewing time. Every time something spectacular happens in the sky North Carolina covers itself in clouds so we can’t see. 😉

    Finished “Jump for Joy” yesterday. I really like the new child model from DAZ. I vaguely remember in the mists of time being able to jump like that and not worry about falling on my face and breaking something.

    Jump for Joy photo JumpforJoy_zpsc72254fc.jpg

  4. A whole 37 degrees now, heading all the way up to 43. Cloudy and windy all day.

    We’re heading to Daughter’s to spend the morning with 2-year-old grandson. He’s a laughing, affectionate tornado and will wear us out. It will take TWO of us to keep track of him, something generally his mom does alone.

    Son emailed a half hour ago to say he was leaving the apartment, so he should be home around 4pm. YAY! Hope his drive is easy and the car doesn’t have any more trouble.

    Have a lovely day!

  5. iriti

    37 degrees this morning in the Shenandoah Valley, heading up into the 60’s. High of 75 tomorrow, allegedly.

    Back at work after a lovely very long weekend at Khloe’s house. 256 unread e-mail messages awaited, and one crisis that’s only a crisis because it didn’t get handled while I was out.

    Can I go back to Khloe’s now? (I’d have to take trs and Kidlet this time, though. I missed them!)

  6. pittiepat

    today.  Rain for the entire day with a possibility of snow showers tonight.  A FB friend from Colorado Springs posted yesterday that at 10 am her husband was mowing the lawn in his summer shorts; by mid-day, it was snowing.  Known as “springtime in the Rockies.”

  7. nchristine

    trees have started their leaf buds.  I have daffodils blooming.  Hoping my other bushes start budding.

    Met the boss’s boss yesterday.  Pretty nice lady.  I’ve made a good impression so far.

  8. wordsinthewind

    the wind is blowing out of the north and should do so all day, we won’t be warming up today. Think I’ll go to the store for some chicken thighs to make some chicken ‘n dumplings to mark this last cold front. We took the puppy to visit our friends here who are good dog people and perfectly willing to help teach a pup. Their dog, a flat coated retreiver, is so sweet she was like a nanny watching the pup making sure she was okay. Then she flattened herself on the floor to play with the pup who of course was so excited to find a dog who wanted to play. It was a good visit for everyone.  

  9. slksfca

    The fog came back late last night, but it’s disappeared this morning. Cloudless skies but slightly cooler than yesterday (right now it’s about 55°F).

    I’m doing laundry this afternoon if I can get the bag out the door and down the stairs. I made sure to fill it only halfway.

    It was “Stevie Wonder Night” on Dancing With The Stars, and Stevie performed a couple of songs. I love his music so that was nice. 🙂

    Have a great Tuesday!

  10. princesspat

    We drove home yesterday, and it is so nice to be here. We left the Eastern Wa family in good shape…..all of my MIL’s belongings are sorted, donated, stored, or ready to be shared among the family. Her assisted living apt now looks like a mini version of her home with antiques, refrig magnets,  (choosing those from her (2!) bags full gave her such pleasure), new curtains, lots of family pictures, etc. She looked happy and more “at home” when we said goodbye to her.

    The to do list is slowly leaving my brain but I remain astonished at the volume of stuff stuffed into her house!

  11. slksfca

    …is nearly gone already. I can’t seem to help myself. Pie for breakfast, pie for dessert. It’s been heaven. I may get another one next Sunday, though I really shouldn’t. But I wish everything didn’t have to be a test of willpower. 😉

  12. bfitzinAR

    cloudy and threatening but no rain so far – late checking in because my computer was down (somebody’s Mac/PC interface shut down all the PCs in the building – took a while for the techies to figure out whose).  Hope everybody is doing well whatever the weather is wherever you are 🙂  Y’all take care, bf

  13. anotherdemocrat

    This’ll probably take me 30 minutes to write. Our call volume has increased (or the co-worker who retired last week really, really took a lot more calls than we knew). Anyway, we are super-busy at work.

    High today is supposed to be 76, tomorrow 58. Crazy. I really hope this weekend is on the warmer end, I don’t want to ride my bike in 40 degree weather on Saturday morning.

    took longer than 30 minutes

  14. 🙂

    Tomorrow is his fitness test; Friday is his thesis defense. Saturday is his AFROTC dinner.

    I borrowed a dress from Daughter for the dinner. While I wouldn’t buy it myself (just not quite my style,) it fits well and is very suitable, basic black cocktail dress. That really is the mark to hit: suitable.

    However, I do not have a shawl or wrap, and the weather (and dining room AC) is too variable to go without. Tomorrow I may go try to find one for the occasion. As long as I’m out, I may look for hiking boots…

    Weather here today has been quite unpleasant, hovering below 40, steady wind of 15-20 or so, rainy. We stayed in with the little guy this morning. He and Jim watched Tom & Jerry cartoons for quite a while as I tried on dresses. Then we played with tractors, blocks, and the soccer ball. Ah, good times…

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