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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings of the Moosekin

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Let the greetings begin!!



  1. ilovecheese

    My cat Bullwinkle, was up all night driving me insane. Fed him against my own judgement and he barfed and finially went to sleep. I have been reading ever since. I will need a nap soon. There goes my morning!

  2. Portlaw

    a good day for all in Mooseland. Can’t decide if Mooseland is a continent, an island, an archipelago, a….. But whatever it is, it sure is a nice place.

  3. iriti

    Headed for a partly cloudy 46. Still below normal temps but at least not 30 degrees below.

    Today’s the big day: Kidlet gets her license! Folks like Diane In NoVa and JGinMD who are within a 75 mile range are advised to take cover now.  

  4. Morning from North Carolina. Crisp and clear today in Winston Salem. A few years ago I took this picture when I was living at my parent’s house in Indiana taking care of my mother.

     photo CloseUpMoonOverLeaves_zpsb12d9b7b.jpg

    I turned it into an art piece with one “minor” change. 😉

     photo MoonOverAutumnLeaves2-1_zps8aa9b86f.jpg

  5. It isn’t even 20 degrees out. And I have a fasting blood test and another ultra-fun test this morning. No food, no coffee, expected discomfort.


  6. kishik

    hearing the cardinal spring song at dawn helps… and seeing the Robins poking along the lawn!  🙂

  7. trs

    Back to work yesterday, and I made it through the day. Got to do some actual carpentry (repaired a deck), which made it even better.

    Another reason I’ll be glad when the house is built and we move to it: I just rented a trencher for Saturday – about $250 when all is said and done. However, there is a place closer to the land that I could have rented a trencher for about $75 less, and they throw in the trailer to tow it for free. Problem with renting from there is I would have to take time off work next Monday to return it. This one, I can return Monday morning and still be at work on time. Such is life.

  8. nchristine

    the Canadians about leaving the doors open and letting all the cold air out.

    I was given an assignment that’ll help me learn at least one of the programs in the print system…. compare it to the original, find the differences, document them, and do a little bit of reformatting for readability (who ever originally wrote this stuff was sloppy, things not lining up, different indents, no periods where it would be advisable to have them…. or a single period for the whole paragraph….).

  9. Diana in NoVa

    shining–what a nice change!

    Finished granddaughter’s birthday story–turned out to a little more than 4,000 words, which would be 16 pages.  I’ll e-mail it to her, but I’m sending her the physical present today.

    Why is it that the more one writes, the more one wants to write?  I now have ideas for three diaries as well as a short story I have to complete before April 25, when the relatives arrive for the wedding. Shakespeare’s 449th birthday is coming up on April 23, so I have to order the cake and complete the birthday-related blog before then, too.

    Everyone have a great day!  I’ve seen robins as well, they’ve been perching on the apple tree out back.

  10. wordsinthewind

    I doubt I’ll get picked for a jury, most lawyers do not want another lawyer on their jury. But stranger things have happened so I’ll go prepared to stay all day. We got to 87 yesterday and are only forecast for a high of 61 today, spring is all over the place here.

  11. JG in MD

    Having breakfast with my old boss/good friend this morning.

    How ’bout them Nationals! Bryce Harper, rookie of the year, scored two home runs. We shut out the Marlins with Strasburg giving up something like 3 hits in 6 innings. Final score 2-nothing. Those two were from our superrookie (see above).

    Now all I have to do is keep my heart out of my throat. My fear of injury to the players, my superstitions, are getting the better of me. Baseball is everything the books say it is: complicated, romantic, powerful, delicate.  

  12. bill d

    Spring rains are now arriving in N. Texas for a few days. Such a rare and welcomed sight.

    Hope everyone is doing well this fine morning.

  13. anotherdemocrat

    not heavy rain, but that’s fine. It is supposed to get heavier later this evening, maybe even thunderstorms. Unfortunately, this evening is my triathlon training group’s 1st swim. Outdoor pool. So – rain is fine, just not thunderstorm.

    I loved Chris’ show last night. Kept the in-depth-ness of the weekend show, with the same lively spirit, and I love the set. I’m going to miss tonight’s show (tri training goes till 8:30, so I’ll miss Rachel, too), so someone tell me about it.

  14. Jk2003

    Got to spend half the night with a wriggly two year old in my bed.  I’m a bit sleepy this morning.  The sun is out but it is cold.  In the 20s now going up to 40.  

  15. slksfca

    Good morning good people! Nicer weather is in store for us after the rains, so I’m told. Which means good walking weather. I will be out this afternoon. 🙂

    Dancing With The Stars disappointed last night. Or maybe I was just tired. But most of the stars lacked “oomph” in their routines. I’m trying so hard to root for Wynonna Judd because she fascinates me, but she has no fire.

    Mind you, I love carping about the show because I love the show. 🙂

  16. bfitzinAR

    got home after 8:30 last night – fed the kittehs, ate a bowl of ice cream, and went to bed.  Sat through 2 solid hours of the “bi-partisan 10” telling the poor Road Dept head he should have given us the information about the bridges sooner and telling him he needed to give us more information before the QC is going to do anything except admonish him for not telling us about it last year or the year before.  He gave us a list of bridges in the worst shape (one can’t take a loaded school bus) and a list of bridges with the worst truck traffic – with pictures – and estimates of how much to fix each  one.  He recommended the worst bridge be bidded out as doing it inhouse would tie up his crew for 4 years and put off repairing 4 other bridges.  All the poor man can do is present this as bullit points or on a spreadsheet – he can’t get any more specific until we authorize the money for the engineering work.  Which we aren’t going to do until he “gives us more information” – the “bi-partisan 10” have struck again.  Sigh.  It’s going to be a long year.  Oh well, don’t have another meeting until Thursday.  Y’all take care, bf

  17. Haven’t been around lately, mostly because of prepping for, undergoing, and starting recovery from a total hip replacement.  That was done on 3/27 and I came home Saturday.

    I’m doing well, very well all things considered.  Medicos are pleased at progress and overall health, myself feeling surprisingly good, although uncomfortable at times and with very limited batteries.

    Glad I got it done; looking forward to getting my life back.

  18. princesspat

    Yesterday was fun, but the age differences are more apparent this year…..ages 5, 10 and 11. The little one and I finally retreated to my room where she made a play house in my closet and we read each other stories. The tweens needed some uninterrupted chatter and kindle time!

    It’s 48° and partly sunny in Bellingham today…..I think a photo session somewhere along the waterfront with Grandpa is the plan as I’ve got another round of deferred maintenance Dr. appointments this afternoon and the mornings are for sleeping late…..yay!

    We are so fortunate to have Boulevard Park as our neighborhood park…’s very fun for the kids and easy for us to be with them yet I can still rest my leg as I need to.

  19. slksfca

    …to lie back and elevate. Can’t have Nurse Kelley on my case again! ;-p

    Hope everyone has a good day!

  20. wordsinthewind

    the lawyers are throwing motions for the judge to rule on so the jury was dismissed until 1:30. It’s cool and very damp with complete cloud cover but we probably won’t see any actual rain. I’d like to be picked for this jury since it’s one of the areas of civil law I find interesting-probate. It’s where you get to see grown people re-fight the existential argument of childhood-who did the folks love more?  

  21. bubbanomics

    I’ve been and will continue to be a bit thin on the ground here.  Over the weekend our house was burglarized.  A computer and a safe (basically a fireproof box) were stolen along with the usual jewelry and pocket change.  So I’m sifting through the internets and credit accounts trying to preempt ID theft.  They got my passport, birth certificate, SS card. So I am putting holds on everything and replacing a bunch of stuff.  Bummer.

    But, nobody got hurt, so at least there’s that which is in the grand scheme of things quite a lot.

  22. slksfca

    …and was glad to awaken because I was in the middle of a weird and hectic dream. I don’t know why they say dreams only come after hours of sleeping because I can dream almost as soon as I shut my eyes.

    Anyway, just got in from a walk. It’s not as nice out as I’d hoped, fully overcast and cool, but at least no rain to mess with me. Dinner is Stouffers lasagne (I canceled my home meal delivery this morning since I’m able to get my own groceries now).

    Watching the People’s Court right now while I cruise the interwebs. I like Judge Millian. 🙂

  23. I love making soup. AND I’m good at it!

    Got our taxes submitted finally. Owe the state $1000+. Hurts the return to have Son “independent” now. Wouldn’t want it any other way.

    We had a great nap this afternoon, after a good walk. It’s not warm, but the sun is bright, the sky is brilliant, and the birds were in full song.  

  24. JG in MD

    finishing up my friend’s Fed and State tax returns. She owes money, I owe money, we’re both saying Screw ’em! You can’t get blood out of a stone, and we’re both pretty stony at this point.

    But I don’t even have to file a MD return after I calculate the poverty credit.

    Another form filled out: She’s on unemployment and also has some income (subtracted from unemployment benefit if over a certain amount) but her MD-sponsored health insurance has been $730 a month based on 2011 income and now will be reduced to $430 because 2012 is so much lower. We were practically dancing around the living room.

    I’m whipped. My brain is fried.  

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