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The Daily F Bomb, Wednesday 3/6/13

Happy hump day, Bombdroppers! How are you all today? For me it’s till all uphill until the end of the workday, after that it’s downhill (in a good way). I only have two conference calls today! Blessed relief.

Now, spill!


Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found? Do you prefer showers or baths? How green are you/your habits/your home? What is your favorite ethnic food? What, of that food, is your favorite dish?

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On This Day

In 1834, the city of Toronto was incorporated.

In 1836, in San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo fell to Mexican forces after a 13-day siege.

In 1857, in its Dred Scott decision, the Supreme Court held that Scott, a slave, could not sue for his freedom in a federal court.

In 1912, the National Biscuit Co., which later became Nabisco, introduced Oreo cookies.

In 1951, the trial of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg began.

In 1964, Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad officially gave boxing champion Cassius Clay the name Muhammad Ali.

In 1967, Joseph Stalin’s daughter, Svetlana Alliluyeva, defected to the United States.

In 1981, after 19 years of presenting the CBS Evening News, Walter Cronkite signed off for the last time.

In 2006, Gov. Mike Rounds signed legislation banning most abortions in South Dakota. (The ban was later rejected by the state’s voters).

In 2007, Vice President Dick Cheney’s former chief of staff, I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, was convicted of lying and obstructing an investigation into the 2003 leak of CIA operative Valerie Plame’s identity.

Born on This Day

1340 – John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster (d. 1399)

1459 – Jakob Fugger, German banker (d. 1525)


1475 – Michelangelo, Italian artist and sculptor (d. 1564)


1619 – Cyrano de Bergerac, French soldier, poet (d. 1655)

1817 – Princess Clémentine of Orléans (d. 1907)


1834 – George du Maurier British illustrator and writer (d. 1896)


1882 – Guy Kibbee, American actor (d. 1956)


1885 – Ring Lardner, American writer (d. 1933)

1893 – Furry Lewis, American blues guitarist (d. 1981)

1913 – Ella Logan, Scottish actress (d. 1969)

1913 – Stewart Granger, English actor (d. 1993)


1916 – Rochelle Hudson, American actress (d. 1972)


1923 – Herman Leonard, American photographer (d. 2010)

1923 – Ed McMahon, American television personality (d. 2009)

1923 – Wes Montgomery, American jazz musician (d. 1968)

1926 – Alan Greenspan, American economist, former Federal Reserve chairman

1927 – Gordon Cooper, American astronaut (d. 2004)

1927 – Gabriel García Márquez, Colombian writer, Nobel Prize laureate

1936 – Marion Barry Jr., American politician

1936 – Sylvia Robinson, American singer, musician and record producer (Mickey & Sylvia) (d. 2011)

1940 – Ken Danby, Canadian realist painter (d. 2007)

1942 – Flora Purim, Brazilian jazz singer (Return to Forever)

1944 – Kiri Te Kanawa, New Zealander opera singer

1944 – Mary Wilson, American singer (The Supremes)

1945 – Hugh Grundy, British drummer (The Zombies)

1946 – David Gilmour, British musician (Pink Floyd)

1953 – Phil Alvin, American singer and guitarist (The Blasters)

1963 – D. L. Hughley, American comedian and actor

1964 – Madonna Wayne Gacy (Stephen Gregory Bier Jr.), American musician

1974 – Guy Garvey, British musician (Elbow)

1981 – Ellen Muth, American actress (Dead Like Me)

1984 – Chris Tomson, American musician (Vampire Weekend)

Died on This Day

1836 – James “Jim” Bowie, American pioneer and soldier (b. 1796)

1836 – Davy Crockett, American frontiersman (b. 1786)

1888 – Louisa May Alcott, American novelist (b. 1832)

1895 – Camilla Collett, Norwegian writer and feminist (b. 1813)

1899 – Victoria Kaiulani, Hawaiian princess (b. 1875)


1917 – Valdemar Psilander Danish actor (b. 1884)

1927 – Marie Spartali Stillman, painter (b. 1844)


1932 – John Philip Sousa, American conductor, and composer (b. 1854)

1933 – Anton Cermak, Mayor of Chicago (b. 1873)

1935 – Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., American politician (b. 1841)

1951 – Ivor Novello, Welsh actor, musician, and composer (b. 1893)

1973 – Pearl S. Buck, American writer, Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1892)

1976 – Mary Petty, American illustrator (b. 1899)


1984 – Henry Wilcoxon, Dominican actor (b. 1905)

1986 – Georgia O’Keeffe, American artist (b. 1887)

2005 – Teresa Wright, American actress (b. 1918)

Today is

Alamo Day

Read Aloud Day

National Frozen Food Day

National White Chocolate Cheese Cake Day

Fun Facts About Names Day

Dentist’s Day


  1. Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found?

    Not really a bargain hunter. I don’t shop much.

    Do you prefer showers or baths?

    Showers usually.

    How green are you/your habits/your home?

    Pretty green, I guess. Living in NYC helps – I take mass transit (or walk) everywhere. Unfortunately, I don’t control my heat or source of power (pre-war apartment building) but we keep the radiators off a lot. We have ceiling fans in the bedrooms which helps avoid AC

    What is your favorite ethnic food?

    Various Chinese cuisines, Thai, Korean, Italian.

    What, of that food, is your favorite dish?

    I can’t answer that. Too many good dishes

  2. Jk2003

    Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found? Do you prefer showers or baths? How green are you/your habits/your home? What is your favorite ethnic food? What, of that food, is your favorite dish?

    Bargains:  no, time is money.  And all I really buy is food and yarn.  I do not like to have a lot of stuff in my home.  

    Showers/baths:  showers, my kids don’t try to get into the shower with me.  Baths I spend just trying to fend them off then they usually win and three of us are in the tub together.  Not my idea of fun.

    How green:  VERY compared to anyone I know.  I am pretty careful about what we buy and do and very careful about what we eat and also with what I clean the house.  I use mostly vinegar and water and lemons and washing soda to clean.   I drive a Prius and my husband has a little Honda.  We try.

    Ethnic food:  Thai

    Favorite dish:  the basic pad Thai makes me very very happy.

  3. anotherdemocrat

    Princess Kaiulani is a character in one of my favorite books, The Bones of Time by Kathleen Goonan. A boy in our future falls so in love with her that he invents time travel so he can be with her. Uses bell’s theorem & the twinned particles thing. Her descriptions of Hawaii are so…. it makes you feel like you’re there.

    Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found? I try to comparison shop, but frequently just give in & buy the thing I’m looking for. Though I did get a copy of Ted Kennedy’s book, from the first printing run, at Half Price Books. It was withing weeks of his death, I was shocked it was there.

    Do you prefer showers or baths? I live baths, but the tubs in my house have these weird plugs…. I have only had showers since I lived here.

    How green are you/your habits/your home? pretty green. I turn off the water when I wash my hands, brush teeth, etc. Recycle everything that our recycling will take. Bring dead batteries in to work, since there’s a collection box for them here. And have taken my own bags to the grocery store since the 1980s (my city just enacted a bag ban & people are freaking out)

    What is your favorite ethnic food? Tex-Mex

    What, of that food, is your favorite dish? Anything vegeatrian & cheesy

  4. A rather icy wind bowing out there. Gulping hot coffee to warm up.

    Are you a bargain hunter? Yes

    If so, what is the best bargain you ever found? I managed to find the perfect curtains for all four windows in my apartment for $25.00.

    Do you prefer showers or baths? Showers

    How green are you/your habits/your home? Very

    What is your favorite ethnic food? Chinese

    What, of that food, is your favorite dish? Mongolian Beef

    Living Room

     photo LivingRoomCurtains_zpscdf02d39.jpg

    Dining Room

     photo DiningRoomCurtain-1_zps487b10fd.jpg

    Computer Room

     photo ComputerRoomCurtains_zps22305efa.jpg


     photo BedroomCurtains_zpsba0bf4a2.jpg

  5. jlms qkw

    Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found? Do you prefer showers or baths? How green are you/your habits/your home? What is your favorite ethnic food? What, of that food, is your favorite dish?

    yes in general. dresses at nordstrom rack.

    showers clean the body. baths clean the soul.  

    pretty good?


    pad thai.  

  6. Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found?

    I’ve mostly stopped worrying about bargains, but I don’t buy much, and try to make sure what I buy is a good value to me.

    Do you prefer showers or baths?

    Showers are better for getting clean. Long ago we lived in an apt that had a claw foot tub. The angle of the back made it quite comfortable for a good soak. Most modern bathtubs would not be comfortable.

    How green are you/your habits/your home?

    Pretty green.  

    What is your favorite ethnic food? What, of that food, is your favorite dish?

    I don’t think I could pick favorites. I like Asian, Mediterranean, Mexican, different regional variations in the US… I am a good eater. I’ll try almost anything.  

  7. zenor

    Are, in fact, residents of Canada; which is near North America, on the other side of the Great Lakes, one of which is superior, and kind of erie. Sometimes, if you spin around too much, you michigan, and still won’t know side huron. Miss Consin knows all about it, I’m shore.

    This ethnics food fetish you flirt with may lead to cannibalism.

    –Phony Alert For Sports Nots:–

    to protect blake griffin,the LA Clippers signed Andrew Galota to a 10-Day

  8. Via Chicago

    *Are you a bargain hunter?

    I always wait for sales, so I guess so.

    *If so, what is the best bargain you ever found?

    The one that comes to mind is $500 ish high-quality leather coat by a known designer that was about $60 after a series of markdowns and during 30% off everything sale at Marshall Field’s (RIP).  Finding this kind of deal wasn’t all that uncommon at that store. It’s the perfect coat. Nothing fancy or particularly unique, just very high quality leather and a perfect cut.

    I would never, ever, consider spending anywhere near that much money on a piece of clothing as the full price of that coat.

    *Do you prefer showers or baths?

    Showers, but I didn’t take one today.

    *How green are you/your habits/your home?

    My wife and I have a low carbon footprint built into our lifestyle. Our current car doesn’t get the best mileage but we both live close enough to get to work to ride our bikes or take public transportation. We live in the city and can (and do) walk on errands, etc. We drive less than 10,000 miles per year.  Our last car had about 50,000 miles on it after ten years. I have a motorscooter that I use for transportation eight months out of the year that gets close to 100 MPG.

    We don’t eat a lot of processed foods so there’s not too much trash. (I use way too many paper towels, however.)

    We recycle, etc.

    We have too much square footage for two people though so I’m sure as careful as we are with timed thermostats and moderate heating and cooling, that we use too much energy for our living space.

    *What is your favorite ethnic food?

    It’s such a mood thing, I don’t think I can pick one. We eat a lot of Asian food but I can single out a country or region.

    *What, of that food, is your favorite dish?

    I love curry-based dishes across all of those cuisines.

  9. raina

    they have mega stuf oreos for a limited time. I bought a pack and the filling is pretty soft.


    Bargain hunter, yes. I shop the clearance racks, and love going to garage sales. Can’t think of the best bargain I got.

    I normally prefer showers because it’s quicker, but with all the aches and pains that come with age, I take a lot of hot baths now.

    I like a lot of ethnic cuisines, and can’t really pick a favorite. Right now I’m salivating over a Cuban sandwich in my head.

  10. Avilyn

    Glad that I was wrong.  Rescheduled all of my appointments for tomorrow to next week instead due to the impending storm.  Flip side means I’m not taking tomorrow off but working instead.  Here’s hoping that there’s no storm next week.

    Are you a bargain hunter? If so, what is the best bargain you ever found?  ish?  If I need something, I’ll buy it, but if I’m ordering online I’ll look at a couple of sources to get the best price.  In physical stores I tend to be more of an impulse buyer.

    Do you prefer showers or baths?  I prefer baths but take showers because they’re quicker.  I like to squeeze as much extra sleep time out of the morning as I can.

    How green are you/your habits/your home?  Erm.  Good question.  I have a long commute (55 miles one way) so I do a lot of driving (my car is just over 6 months old and has almost 14000 miles on it).  On the other hand, I buy eco products like 7th Generation; recycle as much as possible, bring reusable bags to the store, etc.  And Mr A. & I have decided that when we build our dream home (we want to move in the next 5-ish years or so), we’re going to do geothermal/solar/etc. as much as possible.  Oh, and we’re not having kids, either.  I like to say it’s because the planet is already overpopulated (true) but really it’s more that I don’t want the responsibility :^P

    What is your favorite ethnic food? What, of that food, is your favorite dish?  Depends on my mood, really.  Italian food, either Stromboli or Sausage Risotto.  Chinese food, tie between Sesame Chicken or Beef with Scallions (though really my favorite are Scallion Pancakes, but they’re an appetizer).

  11. JG in MD

    Are you a bargain hunter? Ferocious bargain hunter. I prowl grocery stores for meat and baked goods marked down, just as good as full price. Get lowest price on every item almost all the time, but not compulsive about it. Sometimes you just shrug and pay. Thrift shops are golden.

    Best bargain? Recently, a pristine cashmere pullover on half-price day at Salvation Army for $6.00. Buying original art for low prices has been a joy forever.

    Do you prefer showers or baths?  Showers.

    How green are you/your habits/your home
    ? The usual. Recycle paper, cans, bottles. The county makes us pay 5¢ tax on plastic bags, so we carry our own. This is to save the Chesapeake, so I’m all for it & wish more counties would do it. Our condo complex has installed water-limiting showers and toilets. TRS pronounced my toilet mechanism unique, never seen one like it, but he stopped it from running. I try not to use more water than necessary.

    Your favorite ethnic food? Chinese and Tex-Mex. Chinese, pretty much anything. Tex-mex, tacos, fajitas, rice&beans, margaritas.

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