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Six months after the environment ministry declared the Japanese river otter extinct, officials in Ehime are planning “a full-fledged search” for the creature in response to reports of recent sightings.

JR Central began operation of the new N700A shinkansen-the first bullet train that can run on autopilot.

A group of Japanese and French scholars claims that Echigo-ya-a kimono shop that grew to become Mitsukoshi department store-was the “world’s first large-scale retailer and the biggest store throughout the 18th century.”

Tokyo Station and New York’s Grand Central Terminal are set to become “sister stations” at a ceremony in the US this month.

A 73-year-old Ibaraki restaurateur discovered 31 photographic plates depicting the attempted coup d’├ętat in 1936 known as the “February 26 incident.”



Number of people hospitalized in Tokyo in 2011 due to health problems caused by quasi-legal “herbal drugs,” according to a newspaper report


Number hospitalized in 2012


Estimated number of people who would be forced to evacuate their homes in an eruption of Mt Fuji, according to officials in Shizuoka

T is for Thievery: Surprising Identity of Osaka Elementary School Bandit Discovered

by Master Blaster

From November last year until this January, Nozato Elementary School in Osaka City had been the scene of a string of robberies. In 16 different incidents, up to 235,000 yen (US$2,500) was stolen from the wallets of teachers who worked there.

However, thanks to the efforts of one vigilant teacher, the culprit was finally identified and dealt with on 28 February.

Takashi Honda, the 57-year-old vice principal of Nozato Elementary was relieved of his command last Thursday after evidence revealed he had been the one stealing teachers’ money.


Governor Ultra Sound

Goes On The Road

 Japan’s Chief Moron

 Quotes The Iron Lady

Japan’s Kanamara Festival Coming Up this April!

yesterday by Rona Moon

This year on 7 April, the lusty cries of  “Kanamara, dekkai mara!” (“steel rod, giant dong!”) will once again ring through town.

Japan, traditionally a country where well-endowed foreigners are very welcome, embraces big penis worship in this very special festival. For the largest erections you’ve ever seen (anyone know Jonah Falcon personally?), save the date: Sunday 7 April 2013 at Kanayama Shrine in Kanagawa. All hail the huge pink peen! It just gets bigger and better every year.

If bigger doesn’t bang your gong, there are a multitude of phalluses of all shapes and sizes. If you’re non-Japanese and you’re interested in this, you’re not alone. An army of Western tourists descends upon the shrine every year, demanding cock.

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  1. It made me smile and shake my head in wonderment then. It still does. Everyone seems to be having a great time. Can you imagine such a ‘festival’ here in the U.S.? I can’t. We are too morally twisted to allow it.

    Thanks for your diary.  

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