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Friday Morning Herd Check-in: Greetings and Grazings of the Moosekin

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  1. ILS 27L

    It’s 32 headed to 52 here in DFW with sunshine in the forecast as far as the eye can see. We start a new class today with a whole herd of folks!! Fun! Fun!

    The puppie pitcher above reminds me of a saying in aviation:

    It’s better to be down here wishing you were up there

    Than up there wishing you were down here.

    I’ve done both…the saying is true!

    Be excellent


  2. wordsinthewind

    I’m drinking coffee and waking up, it’s a slow process. Everything is pretty much ready to pack, need to fix our picnic lunch for the road. Since we travel with our dog it’s easier to stop where she can get out and join us. The cat gets to go stay at the vet clinic which she doesn’t particularly enjoy but doesn’t seem to hold grudges over either. I wasn’t a cat person when she showed up and won me over, I’m really glad she did.

  3. Jk2003

    I feel a million times better today.  

    22 going up to 30 and cloudy today.  Pretty dreary out there lately.  I am missing the sun.  Hope you all have a great day.

  4. nchristine

    driveway again this morning.  Only 2 more ‘free’ Friday’s before I start my new job.  Not much going on around here for the weekend.

  5. Jim is looking over my shoulder to see how this works. He says “hello,” too.

    Overcast this morning, about 25 degrees. Probably won’t get a lot warmer.

    I finished quilting the little donation quilt yesterday. Also made the corned beef and Irish soda bread.

    Today I have another quilt to load on the frame and quilt. It’s a donation, too. I will send it, and another one, to someone who will make a donation to a food recovery organization in return.


  6. dear occupant

    oh joy, it’s snowing…28 reaching a whopping high of 30.

    i’m doin’ a happy dance because there’s only

     photo tumblr_mheifm7LQ11qg39ewo1_r1_500.gif

    1 more day before the W E E K E N D !!!!!

  7. pittiepat

    Even though the main drags are clear, the plows were out on some of them yesterday moving (to where I don’t know) the piles of snow they had previously pushed onto the shoulders.

  8. anotherdemocrat

    I need to go home & check my mail & water my plants, so I’ll do that later today. I had ordered some shelves online, thought I’d come home to a delivery slip. No. They plunked them down on my doorstep while I wasn’t there. Thank FSM my best friend went by to check on my place. She got them wrestled under some cover, so they didn’t scream “this person isn’t home!!!!”. So now I get to drive home, wrestle some shelves inside & then put them together. Happy Friday.

    There’s a gathering in Austin on Saturday afternoon, which I now get to go to. That’ll be good — to do something not hospital-related.

    Do hospitals know how exhausting it is when they seem to say someone’s dying then “oh, tomorrow she’ll get physical therapy & we’ll try to get her out of bed”. Yesterday they asked if her DNR included an “do not intubate”, which made my brother & I think….. Then they said that about PT. So I’m assuming she’s getting better. At least, last I heard. Sigh.

  9. raina

    No stinking forecast said anything about it being under 30 degrees. I’m glad I brought my plants in even if the forecast wasn’t for freezing weather. My gut: 1, weather forecast: 0.

  10. Still working real hard on getting the art updated. I’m going through all the old art and replacing old plastic looking figures and pixelated objects with my newer ones. As soon as I finish that massive project the website will be linked to every place I can find so I can start selling some art work. As little as I get from Social Security they are starting to take $105.94 a month out for Medicare. So I’m looking for places to sell art and jewelry.

    For all you science and science fiction fans I did “Wormhole” the other day.

    Wormhole photo Wormhole2_zps192b5709.jpg

  11. GlenThePlumber

    I guess we have bypassed winter and went straight to spring…nobody sent me the memo…Friday’s are ‘pizza-movie’ night at our house…but now r works late on Fridays…so I must be trusted to light the shabbat candles and pick a movie for an 8 y.o. girl…this should go well.

  12. princesspat

    I’m packing my thera foam mattress pad (those things are heavy!) paying some bills and getting ready to drive to eastern Wa. State, where tomorrow we meet an antique appraiser and begin the inventory, appraisal and packing away process for RonK’s mom’s house and collections. We’ll be gone about a week so I’ll check in when I can. I hope the task is less daunting than I think it will be!


  13. ChurchofBruce

    Done with school for the day–got a B in my Spanish Oral Exam, which I was thrilled with :). Only plans for the weekend–Massachusetts State Drama Festival, first round. My kid is on the tech team for one high school’s show, and some of the kids I student-taught last semester are in another high school’s show, and they go one after the other tomorrow morning, so that’s where I’ll be. 🙂

  14. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Mild day, sweater weather…Something we’ll be remembering fondly and wishing for come July and August when the temps begin hitting triple numbers!

    Not a lot going on today, dr’s appt. this afternoon but other than that same old stuff, working on a few projects, a little housecleaning and laundry.

    Trying to avoid the news, I’m not happy with the whispers of what Dems will give up to end the sequester. I’m already scared out of my wits about what the Texas Lege is up to–you know it’s not going to end well for anyone but Perry and company.

    Oh my, best I can do at the moment is fill my tea cup and get back after it. :o)

    Happy Friday!

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