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Thursday Morning Check In: There’s No Snoozin’ for the Moozin’

Good Morning Purple People!


It’s time to wake yourselves up.

There’s no snoozin’ for the Moozin’.

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cassandracarolina and I will be hosting the

Thursday thread so scribble a few thoughts and

Make Sure Your Peeps Know Where You Are!

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  1. cassandracarolina

    41 and clear… Well, dark, really here in the Houston area. Hope those of you moosies are sleeping soundly, waking up happily, or beginning your day with a nice breakfast, or already well into the day wherever you may be.  

  2. dear occupant

    34 and Tom says, ‘Spells of light snow

    move into a third day here but more localized

    lake-effect snow showers could take over in

    coming days’, in other words more of the

    same sloppy stuff here on the lakefront.

     photo cwc-top-headline-front-storylink-1.jpg

    oh well, pootie logic says look on the bright side,

    we’re one more day closer to the weekend.

     photo thCAK752NF-1.jpg

    have a great day everyone!

    hi CC, daddy duty calls, will check in in a bit.

  3. Moozmuse

    As you may know, I’m boycotting the weather, and it’s another sh*tty day AS USUAL!!!!!!, Grrrr, booo, hiss! Here’s PROOF that I’m right, so THERE!

    Here’s a “no sh*t, Sherlock” moment:

    Gloomiest German Winter in 43 Years

    Winter in Germany is typically a grim affair, dark and steeped in the kind of chilly damp that goes straight to the bones — and, unhappily, to the psyche. But many residents feel that this winter has been particularly hard to bear.

    Meteorologists say that’s because it has been the darkest winter in more than four decades. Less than an average of 100 hours of sunshine have been recorded so far over the course of the meteorological winter, which runs from December through February, said National Meteorological Service (DWD) spokesman Gerhard Lux on Monday. The winter average is an already measly 160 hours of sun.

    That makes it the gloomiest winter in at least 43 years. The winter of 1970, with an average of just 104 hours of sunshine, was the bleakest since records began in 1951. But if the sun fails to show itself much more this year, the winter of 2012-2013, will “probably reach a new all-time low,” Lux told news agency AFP.

  4. We got 4.2 inches of snow yesterday in a steady snow fall that lasted all day. Total for February is 22.7 inches. That will help with our drought.

    Catch you later!!

    (p.s. When dear occupant comes back, ask him if he could remove that news thread link from the diary … it is last week’s! I will put one up later this morning for news addicts. There is a lot of it today.)

  5. The annoyingly automatic video was actually interesting this time, showing the mass of hot air over the north Atlantic which is making the jet stream dip and make it colder here.

    How can there be global warming if it is cold where I live? That’s how.

  6. Khloe

    I’m amazed to report that the slush hasn’t frozen yet. It misted/snowed out through the night.

    Last day of February. I’m ready for some March. In like a lion, out like a lamb.

     photo catpop.jpg

  7. ilovecheese

    Not bad. Some showers expected later, which is better than snow. Fed the the Bullwinkle and he’s now doing a soft  purr. Hope you all have a good day!

  8. blue jersey mom

    I am headed out for a long day at work. I have to try to get a visa at the Chinese consulate first. then I have 3 hours of office hours followed by three hours of class and a guest lecture in the evening. Have a great day!

  9. mapamp

    We’ll have snow and rain today. Just enough to be a nuisance. Im getting ready to hit the road, but wanted to say hi!  

  10. Portlaw

    Herd from a forty four degree New York. Am hurrying out to acupuncture but first need more coffee. I had one of those “white nights” when I just couldn’t sleep. Sigh.

  11. trs

    Currently 32&deg, with an expcetd high of 45. Busy day ahead of me. We have four leases and one sale being signed tomorrow, and I have to do final checks on all those houses: check for water leaks of any kind, make sure everything works, replace any missing or burned out light bulbs, etc. I also have my normal Thursday afternoon duties: taking garbage cans to the road for people that need help. We have a list of about 40 homes that have either elderly people that can’t manage or others that can’t handle physical things like that for some reason. Every Thursday afternoon we go around and pull their garbage cans to the road, and every Friday afternoon, once the truck has been through, we put them back. Not a big deal, but time consuming.

    I was planning on starting on the checks yesterday, but life got in the way – had to go pick up our utility vehicle from the shop ($900 worth of repairs) and then get new tires for said vehicle (another $450), which took up most of my day. Also had to check a couple houses for water leaks. One has a leak somewhere, but unfortunately for the homeowner, it is in the house somewhere. It’s not our responsibility, and I can’t touch it. I suspect it’s a small leak in a wall somewhere (.08 gal/minute) or else a toilet is letting water out just a bit. Those are the usual suspects in a situation like that.

  12. nannyboz

    for the next week.  Atticus has lap duty today, Racer is sleeping in.

    Speaking of Atticus, as I mentioned he is a transmogrifier pilot in cat world and is planning to fly to Rome for the papal election.  He’s hooked on the tuna gelato they make there ;).

    Have a great day all!

  13. Diana in NoVa

    We switched the telly from “Good Morning, Hysteria” to “CBS This Morning” only to find it was “CBS Trivia Morning.”  Ugh, we’ll have to start dialing up the headlines on the iPad while we’re drinking our early morning tea.

    Read something interesting in John Kelly’s column in The WaPo the other day.  Kelly was asking people why they did or did not like their city of residence.  One transplanted Washingtonian who now lives in California said, “People who live on the East Coast don’t realize how much weather affects their mood.  People in California can be out of doors all year round.  Californians aren’t ‘laid back,’ they’re just cheerful.”

    That really struck me because on sunny days I always feel more energetic.  I get more things done.

    Re the headlines:  so full of stuff I can’t do anything about–Rethuglican intransigence, Pope-inspired hysteria, massacre of innocent civilians in Syria, awful things happening to women in the Middle East.  Makes me depressed all day.

    Speaking of women, there was a wonderful PBS special on “The Makers” about women who brought about change in this country. Really well worth watching.  Did anyone here see it?

  14. nchristine

    still lightly snowing – 36 hours later and there’s more white stuff on my driveway.  Hopefully the sun will come out soon and clear the drive for me.

    Last work Thursday at this job (will be driving into Peoria to return company equipment next Thursday).  7 hours to the weekend.  I have absolutely no motivation to perform any ‘real’ work…… suffering from short timers badly!!

  15. Jk2003

    I woke up in a foul mood today.  The kids are eating, one of three beds is made and I am out of coffee.  Will have to stop somewhere on the way to ballet.  Looks like sky may peek through today.  Have a great day everyone…I’m going to try to cheer up, I promise.

  16. wordsinthewind

    with blue sunny skies and nice crisp temperatures. We should warm up nicely today, a good day to tackle all the chores before we leave.  

  17. pittiepat

    so I get to go sweep off the car again.  May decide to go shopping today as I have a touch of cabin fever from staying indoors all week.  Mainly just the same old same old.

  18. slksfca

    I can’t figure out why nothing works for me today. That sentence took an hour to type. Yikes! I can’t be here yet but wanted to let you all know that I am definitely alive and kicking. sorry I’m really not up to this challenge yet but I send y’all fond wishes and stuff!

  19. I am spending the next couple of weeks updating art work. I have a lot of older pictures with more primitive and pixalated figures and old textures. I’m going through and redoing them. As soon as that is done I’m hitting every art site I can and try and get some art sales. Some of the pictures need a little work and some need a major overhaul. This one is now the way I want it.

    Because the Night photo BecausetheNight2_zps96d3d046.jpg

  20. anotherdemocrat

    gym bag is in the trunk, so I’ll have to be inventive to come up with a reason not to go to the gym.

    Woot has a diary at the orange place about bringing her mother’s ashes home, please go give her a hug.

    See y’all later

  21. Cheryl Kopec

    Getting ready for my computer class at the library for seniors and technophobes. Good thing I took the trouble to fire up the laptop and do a dry run — I was having a password issue with Norton Identity Safe, which would have been embarrassing… Hibernated the laptop so it’ll all be ready when I get there.

    Gonna leave Tahoe, the new goggie, alone for the first time since I got him almost two weeks ago. Wish us luck!

  22. I am not very good, as said above. Really I need to practice a lot more. But it is very cute, even so. A thing to try again…

    And the corned beef is cooking, and the Irish soda bread is out of the oven.

    Thanks for the welcome. I appreciate it more than you’ll know.  

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