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Be sure and let your peeps know where to find you.

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I would like to welcome you if you are new to the Moose. Feel free to walk around and check out your new digs. Feel free to comment at any time or continue lurking as you will(I see you out there).  Kysen has left us all a Welcome Mat Part Duex to help us get around easier.  

JanFab has written out some instructions to help.

The big stuff:

– Comments do not Auto-refresh. Click the refresh/reload on your tab to see new ones.

– To check for replies to your comments, click the “My Comments” link in the right-hand column (or go to “My Moose”). Comments will be listed and a link to Recent Replies will be shown. (Note: Tending comments builds community)

– Ratings: Fierce means Thumbs Up, Fail means Thumbs Down, Meh means one of three things: I am unFailing you but I can’t Fierce you, I am unFiercing after a mistaken Fierce, or Meh. Just Meh.

I would like to add a couple of things to this list:

Only hit post once for comments. When a diary gets longer,it takes a bit to reload. During the time it’s reloading, I find myself wanting to hit post again to make sure my comment is there. Hitting the comment button twice puts the comment out there twice.

When creating a new diary, remember to hit the draft button while you are working on it. Hit the public button when you want to publish it.

The most important rule around here is

Be kind to each other… or else.

In other words, if you don’t want it said to you, then don’t say it to someone else. Respect is an important thing. If you feel the need to not respect, then step away and take a breath. Political debate can be both spirited and respectful.

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For those of you lurking and being shy, no reason to be nervous. Drop us a comment and start making your Moose Tracks. No time like the present.

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  1. Khloe

    G’Mornin’ everyone! Yesterday the “quick inch” they promised us turned into “maybe 3 inches”. My measuring stick shows 5 inches. It’s much better then the 28 inches the upper peninsula of Michigan received.

    A Saturday morning earworm.

    G’Mornin’ everyone! Yesterday the “quick inch” they promised us turned into “maybe 3 inches”. My measuring stick shows 5 inches. It’s much better then the 28 inches the upper peninsula of Michigan received.

    A Saturday morning earworm.

    Fat Bottomed Girls photo FatBottomGirls.jpg.  

  2. trs

    I’m sitting in a Sheetz gas station/quick stop (a mid-Atlantic chain) eating a good breakfast (food and coffee here are good) and attempting to wake up for work. Only a couple hours on Saturday. Got lucky – the predicted ice/freezing rain amounted to nothing, so I don’t have to salt streets. Later on, going to go wire the shop and mark where the trench will go for underground electric service, so other utilities can be marked. Hope to do trenching sometime the next couple weekends. Would like to have power by Easter, if we can swing it.  

  3. pittiepat

    bit above freezing today.  I plan on getting the rest of the snow off the car this morning using a long-handled push broom to get all the stuff in the middle of the roof/windshield.  There was a young guy running the little Snowcat who was kind enough to get my mail for me.  Guess he figured it was easier to do it for me rather than have to try to get me upright after watching me fall into a snow pile.

    Then the NWS announced another biggie for the midwest is coming early next week!  Wonderful!  The local forecast is only for light snow, so we shall see.

  4. wordsinthewind

    yesterday turned out to be much colder than predicted so we didn’t open up the walls, did other stuff instead. Today is supposed to be warmer and not windy so perhaps we’ll be able to get to those windows. I finished a paper project yesterday that was a commission, everyone was well pleased with it. I might even make some more now that it’s all figured out.

  5. mapamp

    My husband and 15 year old daughter love The Godfather. They have decided to spend the rainy, cold afternoon watching, at least, The Godfather and, perhaps, The Godfather II.

    I’m not a fan of violence in movies. I have nightmares. So, I am going to be in our quiet room where we play music, hang out, read, and enjoy the time on my own. I won’t be completely on my own–one cat will be watching birds out the window, and the other one will probably be curled up with me on the little couch.  

    I’m looking forward to it!

  6. slksfca

    Google’s weather widget tells me the following (which is a good thing because it’s too dark to see outside):


    Current: Mostly Cloudy

    Wind: W at 13 mph

    Humidity: 82%

    High: 61°

    Local TV news also says it’s 48°F right now, so for once I can trust Google. 🙂

    Up early this morning and have chosen not to fight it. Today could be as busy a day as I allow it to be. Or not.

    Scared myself looking in the mirror because my new haircut is SO SHORT! A buzzed head is awfully comfortable, though, and I didn’t wake up with a rat’s nest on top (why do SOME ppl wake up looking gorgeous, anyway??)

    Happy Weekend, Moosizens!

  7. Jk2003

    21 degrees now going up to 30.  The clouds are parting so at least a pretty day.  My husband works today and then I am going to sit a friends kids tonight so they can go out for a drink.  Have a great day all.

  8. blue jersey mom

    We had rain–no snow. Dad and I are headed out to collect food and donations for the Crisis Ministry, our local food back that serves the Princeton-Trenton area.

  9. bill d

    It is a chilly 34* this morning and has already warmed up a lot here in N. Texas. Yesterday was cold and it never, ever, did warm up.

    Hope all you Mooses get to have the weekend you want to have.

  10. DavidW

    Saturday has become my domestic day so doing laundry and cleaning house today. Then maybe a walk around town to enjoy the weather? High of 85 or so forecast with a light breeze from the east.

  11. cassandracarolina

    Local news is now 24/7 coverage of the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, which kicks off this weekend with barbeques, trail riders coming into the city with horses, wagons, old-time gear, and vendors making money off everyone attending the concerts, shows, and rodeo events. They do also raise a huge amount of money for charity and there are some events for kids where they sell off farm animals and artwork.

    Meanwhile, I would be outside pruning the garden plants BUT… Today the Jehovah’s Witnesses are canvassing our neighborhood, so I gotta lay low.

    Hope all you moosies are staying warm and not being set upon by doorbell ringers wanting to sell you a new belief system 😉

  12. nchristine

    blizzard will be coming through Monday night and Tuesday.  Not much going and not much planned for the weekend.  I’m still sore from shoveling the drive yesterday.

  13. dear occupant

    Chicago’s resident meteorologist says it’s 29

    with Broken Clouds, heh he just gave me one

    more reason not to leave the house.

     photo thCACRB32X.jpg

    mornin’ Khloe!

    i see what you did with

    the hover on the Peeps pic!.

     photo tumblr_mhrrr0ZSOn1qg39ewo1_500.gif

    i was in the process of cut and paste

    to remark on said attribute ‘BUT’ you

    beat me to it. very subtle. hahaha!

  14. Ebby

    and I am already behind for the day.  Ack!  Please consider yourself “fierced” if I missed you in my gallop through the comments. 🙂

  15. GlenThePlumber

    I am glad you used the proper purple spelling of my name…that orange Glen The Plumber guy is so mean.

    big hugs to all my purple friends…I must admit…it has been hard to keep up with two sites…community threads everywhere…but the love for my townies…where ever they are…has not faded.

    on the activist front…forward on climate rally last Sunday…OFA ‘gun violence’ rally last night…joined the local 350 group and hope to get my city to add composting to the garbage service (stole that idea from citisven)…the dream menders will be working with common cause to push the CA disclose act…and on the orange I’ve been running the ‘shutdown the nra’ group…the most active group for the last two months…over 800 dairies republished…that is a lot of reading and reccing…my fingers are tired.

    peace and hugs to all..!!

  16. anotherdemocrat

    I belong to a workout group, went to workout this morning, did a few of the drills. I have bone spurs on my heels & am not supposed to do weight bearing exercises. Got breakfast tacos (brunch) then took a nap, because I had an awful night’s sleep last night. Went to the library & ran into a friend there – got the sequel to the book I’m reading. Actually went to the gym, I only did my PT homework (towel scrunches with a 5 lb weight, clamshells – they added level 2 last week, which is lifting my foot up & holding then pretzels which I’m sure I did wrong. I didn’t do any cardio, but hey I did my PT.

    So now I’m eating the roasted vegetables I made last week. I now love brussels sprouts, if they’re roasted. Watching Hawaii 5-0 – hurrah for cute guys.

    So I’ve had a pretty nice day. Just thought I’d say hi here. I’m going to post a diary on Monday, figure that’ll get more traffic.

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