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Tueday Morning Check In: PUNctually Perfect Purple Meeses

Don’t forget to let your Peeps know where you are.

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  1. Khloe

    37 degrees outside with a wind advisory. The rain that dropped overnight will be freezing very soon.

    A Tuesday morning earworm:

     photo Pun.jpg

  2. nannyboz

    coffee with me since Racer isn’t up yet :).  Sadie continues to improve and has so far stumped everyone including feline neurologists at Tufts who our vet sent all of Sadie’s records to.  We may never really know what was wrong, we’re just happy she’s better.

  3. Off – and I’m serious this time – to Doha where it is 73f at the moment, leaving raining Dandridge 32 degrees behind.

    And I am studiously avoiding all the puns on this page. I have to go through security and can’t take those sorts of things on planes.

  4. ILS 27L

    41 degrees and headed for a sunny 60 here in DFW. Texas winters are just brutal!

    First day of a new class but these guys are experienced pilots so it should be a lot of fun.

    Be excellent.


  5. iriti

    Mornin’ K and other moose peeps. 36 degrees in the Shenandoah Vally, heading up to 50 today. But only for the one day, then back to highs in the 30’s.

     photo Evenkittens.jpg

  6. nchristine

    to remain cold and windy today.

    Now, I’m second guessing whether I should send the inquiry email to the HR person for the place that I interviewed with 2 weeks ago….. I think I should, but I don’t want to jinx myself!  What do y’all think??

  7. Diana in NoVa

    What a month this is for birthdays in our family–son born on the 7th, granddaughter on the 16th, future daughter-in-law on the 21st, great-nephews on the 3rd and 28th–lots of cards to buy and send, but it’s all good.

    Hope you ladies will have wonderful birthdays with lots of balloons, cake, chocolates, roses, champagne,and a lion cub or two.

    We’re expecting rain here in the Washington, DC area this morning.  As usual, we’ve been told to expect a “wintery mix”–what happened to “wintry mix”?–and as usual, it has failed to materialize.

    I’ve often heard that little children who tell lies grow up to be weather forecasters and now I see it’s true.  😉

  8. Jk2003

    WINDY AS A HELL HERE THIS MORNING. I think we have another day of it before it calms down.   Up to 20 today but wind chills below 0.  Maybe we will stay in today.  Although a trip to the store is sorely needed.

    Have a great day all!

  9. dear occupant

    uh oh, 18 but today’s wind chills will run between 5 above and 5 below as winds gust 35-40 mph. Tuesday is my monday and i’m not too enthused about facing that wind today and now it’s starting to snow.

    when will it end?…..sigh.

     photo h2DF49FD0.jpg

    have a great day everyone!

  10. pittiepat

    Supposed to start snowing late tomorrow with the heaviest snow north of Columbia.  We’re going to get some snow but lots of sleet/freezing rain.  We also had a really good rain yesterday afternoon.  I’m sure this enthusiasm for the wet stuff seems off to you Meese north of here, but we have been so dry that anything we get is a treat.

  11. DavidW

    Warming back up down here in sunny South Florida. 80s by Friday they say. This last cold spell lasted two days, warmed up the apartment yesterday by turning on the self cleaning oven cycle, got us through the remainder of the cold snap. Hope you all have a good Tuesday.

  12. Velocity

    The purple meeses are early birds!

    Wonderful diary and comments! lol They are giving me many giggles this morning. And I need that. Tks!

  13. ramara

    This is my first comment here. I keep forgetting to stop by. Which can drive me to do idiotic things like watch the last episode of Downton Abbey twice yesterday. Twice.

    Clearly I need something better to do with my time…

  14. Nurse Kelley

    It’s 19° and fair on Pikes Peak. I’m just passing through before I have to take pootie Jim Bob to the vet. Y’all behave this morning and I’ll report in when I return.

  15. DeniseVelez

    finally logging in from work – where somehow they deleted my coputer account – so I have to sit at someone else’s desk to get work done.

    Plus it is cold and going to snow/sleet or do some other obnoxious driving weather thing in a few hours, so hopefully it won’t start before I get out of my next class.

    Y’all make me smile – which is a good thing.

  16. princesspat

    39°, a light blue sky outside my window, and a smile on my ever so much older and wiser face…..

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, and the LOL moments this morning! With such a nice beginning, following a good nights sleep I should have a great day.

  17. nchristine

    auto reply that the HR person will be on limited access the rest of the week, so don’t expect any replies any time soon.  Geeee… thanks…. (well, at least he did turn the auto reply on and how long he’d be on restricted access)

  18. BlueStateRedhead

    saying its the end of gun control. that the top email of my day. i have nothing to respond to him. anyone?  

  19. BlueStateRedhead

    2/18/ and “weapons-made-with-3-d-printers-could-test-gun-control-efforts” if embed does not work.

    and here is the inventor of 3-d technologies response from wired today

    shorter answer. yes it works. making the ammo for it can kill you,your house, your neighborhood, though.

    and with that i go pull my red hair out.

  20. BlueStateRedhead

    2/18/ and “weapons-made-with-3-d-printers-could-test-gun-control-efforts” if embed does not work.

    and here is the inventor of 3-d technologies response from wired today

    shorter answer. yes it works. making the ammo for it can kill you,your house, your neighborhood, though.

    and with that i go pull my red hair out.

  21. wordsinthewind

    because we needed to make a quick trip to town. It was fun though since we didn’t have to go to the regular stops, we made those last friday. It’s windy again today with the possiblity of rain later. What we’re getting is yesterday’s cold wind turned around and coming back at us. It does that a lot out here, when it blows hard from the north often it will turn around overnight and come right back just as cold from the south the next day. It’s all a set-up for the big blow coming from the west thursday, this is spring weather. Guess if it weren’t for the wind I wouldn’t have anything to talk about.

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