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Sunday Morning Herd Check-in: Grazings and Greetings of the Moosekin

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From triciawyse, to hold us until Moondai:

Happee Caturdai Pootie Diaree


From our news hound, jlms qkw:

All the News Fit to Share: Weekend Edition


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  1. Moozmuse

    Can you tell I’m tired of winter? 3-day forecast: Slightly below freezing nights, slightly above days. Same ol’, same ol’, and the BAD news is colder after that, with light snow.

    Booooooo. Hiss. ugh. etc.

  2. nannyboz

    “blizzard of ’13”.  It snowed yesterday afternoon and evening but didn’t stick because the ground is too warm.  I’m with Moozmuse!  Enough already!  Although I feel guilty saying that to y’all who have “no degrees”.

  3. wordsinthewind

    with a ruckus on the back porch, by the time I got out there it was over but I was awake. We are bookended by crazy cat ladies and their uncared for animals make lots of problems. It is a daily opportunity to practice tolerance which I often fail to appreciate.

  4. dear occupant

    Tom Skilling our resident genius meterologist says it’s 10

    here on the lakefront, it feels much colder though.

    we’ll have sun all day which will keep my S.A.D. at bay.

    just looking forward to the warm summer days on the farm…sigh


     photo thefarm027.jpg

    have to run an errand so i’ll check in later.

    have a great day everyone.

  5. ILS 27L

    It’s a balmy 39 degrees here in the DFW Metroplex. I’m on a six day on one day off schedule, yesterday was the day off, and I’m whopped.

    Teaching wears my brain out, and teaching people who barely speak English, let alone aviation English requires all the improv skill that I can muster…’s really fun….but it wears me out!!

    Off to work

    Be excellent


  6. iriti

    25 in the Shenandoah Valley this morning, headed for a high of 30.

    Yesterday we froze our tails off, but trs got the doors built to the workshop. Next steps for him, trim the doors, add weatherstripping and caulk. Then he’ll run the electrical and insulate. Next steps for me on the first warm weekend: stain the doors an oak color and paint the workshop a redwood brown. I am not much help building or wiring or such, but I can paint and stain by jingo.

    The doors, untrimmed and unstained. I love their rustic selves.

     photo doors_zps0e7568b5.jpg

  7. JG in MD

    A thousand thank-you’s to Iriti and TRS for coming over from Near The Shenandoah River to Here Near DC Friday and installing a new kitchen faucet to replace the broken one I’ve been struggling with.

    And… Mirabile Dictu! TRS even dismantled my garbage disposal and released this bad boy. It’s a little lemon fork. I use them to feed the kittehs.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  8. slksfca

    A pleasant day in store, somewhere near 65F in the City. Am meeting some friends for early brunch (well, okay, breakfast) at 9:30, which will be marvelous fun. 🙂

  9. ursoklevar

    Here is a new moose for us. My cousin, who lives in Fairbanks, found this critter wandering around the parking lot at work. He lubs him some mooz.

     photo moose_parking.jpg

  10. The snow missed us inland but it was still fairly chilly this morning. Warming up a bit. It cracks me up the reactions to snow and cold here in the South. After living North of Chicago this weather is balmy. One winter when I was there we had at least 3 feet of snow at all times and the ground was frozen for a mile down. I did this picture “Easter Egg Delivery in the Midwest” that year. 😉

    Easter Egg Delivery in the Midwest photo EasterEggDelivery-1_zpsffef3a14.jpg

  11. Jk2003

    Cold and sunny here today

    Will be in and out all day with showings, visits to my parents.  Hope you all have a good one.

  12. bill d

    that none of us was hit by a meteor overnight.

    Should be a beautiful day here in Cowtown, TX hope everyone has a great Sunday.

  13. princesspat

    My sleepy brain is slowly waking up, but I’m not feeling very lively at the moment. You all seem much more energetic!

  14. cassandracarolina

    After an exhaustive reconnaissance of my surroundings, I have found not a single snowflake after yesterday evening’s Snowpocalyptic Weatherperson Meltdown About The End Times Winter Weather Advisories. Just sunny, windy, and in the 30’s.

    My favorite moosie proximity story was about 30 years ago when my [now] ex-husband and I and our dog Shadow were driving around near Moosehead Lake in Maine. We spotted a female moose grazing in a pond by the side of a back-country road, and hopped out of our Subaru to take some photos and video. We told Shadow to stay in the car and be quiet, a tall order for any dog in the presence of a large (and for him, probably odoriferous) mammal.

    We got within about 20 or 30 feet of the cow moose and were absorbed in our photography when we heard a low but persistent growl. No barking. We tried shushing Shadow, worried that he would scare off the grazing cow moose. He kept growling until we turned around to see an ENORMOUS bull moose clopping along the side of the road towards us!

    Our Very Good Dog was just trying to say, “MOMMMMMM! DAAAAAD! THERE IS A GIGANTIC DOG COMING RIGHT TOWARDS YOU! I am trying to be quiet, really, but you have GOT to get BACK IN THE CAR, NOW!!”

    Here’s our handsome protector, enjoying a spin around the lake in a motorboat owned by the proprietors of the cabins where we stayed.

    Shadow Moosehead Lake

  15. PatriotDaily

    diary on women/girls being objectified. so i tried to pop by to say thanks for sharing a very important video from one of my DK diaries while back. such an important issue, and that video is outstanding! everyone should watch the full documentary (video is clip of that_.

    i have another video today, released yesterday on the XL pipeline civil disobedience last week. we had a lot of guests at DK for week long blogathon, many attending the CD and/or rally today.

    Today is not arrest time. so if you live in area, and might think about being arrested, that’s not the goal today.

    Sen. Whitehouse will be one of the speakers at today’s rally.

    here is video (hope it posts!)

    ah, MM will not take video embed. maybe this link to video will work.

  16. Nurse Kelley

    That’s the good news. The bad news is the Chinook blew for 36 hours to boost out temps this much in February.

    Anyone want a cat? I’ve got a sweetheart … with vomiting and diarrhea. The stench is comparable to skunk, esp. in a house tightly closed up for winter. I think I’ll find my boots and go hiking.

  17. slksfca

    …to the three Plumbers (Glen, remembrance and TLO) and sent them on their way to the rally. I SO wished I could go with them. They brought their signage to brunch so I could see. Pithy slogans on VERY bright and eye-catching colored board. Should catch many eyes.

    We had a charming time at table, followed by a leisurly stroll through the neighborhood farmers market, and then they walked me home. I love these folks so much! 🙂

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