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FOX in a Henhouse

‘For Tea Party firebrands, and likely Fox loyalists, Rove is the face of Republican Establishment, of the enemy, which means to a certain degree so is Fox News.’

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I have to agree with Eric Boehlert writing at Media Mattters last week that FOX is in a bind and it’s a problem that they created themselves.

‘The Tea Party likely wouldn’t exist today without Fox News, which means any effort to divorce itself from the movement could prove cumbersome. It’s also a move that might alienate its core viewers. There’s already grumbling from Tea Party defenders who are unhappy with Rove’s prominent association with Fox News.’

FOX has made it very clear they are siding with the Big Money Boys headed by Rove and his Conservative Victory Project via American Crossroads. Roger Ailes has decided that the uber radical and rigid orthodoxy of the Tea Baggers is no longer healthy for his bottom line, promoting teh stupid just isn’t profitable for the network or the party.

They quietly let Sarah Palin fade away and finally gave chief cheerleader Dick Morris, who is apparently as bad at math as I am, his walking papers. Karl Rove stands alone now as the defacto spokesman for the Republican party on FOX, and that isn’t going over very well in Tea Party circles.

Penning an editorial in Politico, the feathers and fur are starting to fly,

‘syndicated radio host Steve Deace lashed out at Rove and his “prominent and annoying display on Fox News as the Republican ruling class’ mouthpiece.”‘

With an embarrassing presidential loss and a brief moment of introspection behind them, Republicans in their fashion have to blame someone, so the Tea Baggers are blaming Rove and he’s blaming them and FOX is right square in the middle.

Boehlert goes on to write,

‘One of the defining traits of the right-wing media for years, if not decades, has been the extraordinary discipline under which its players operate. Less interested in public debates among themselves and more focused on attacking common enemies, conservatives haven’t invested a lot of time and resources in soul searching. But as electoral losses pile up, the frustration is seeping into public view.

Another structural problem is Fox doesn’t really function as a clearinghouse for ideas, or a town hall forum where conservatives can hash out their differences. (Heated agreement appears to be the programming goal.) Fox News’ purpose is to serve as a partisan missile. Now, as the civil war erupts, Fox might have to divert its attention from bashing Obama and be forced to play referee between two embittered conservative camps. Either that, or pick sides.’

Yesireebob, FOX is in a henhouse allright, surrounded by all the Tea Bag chickens they incubated and now they’re pecking and squawking.

‘I’m filing the paperwork to form a super PAC to support freedom-loving conservative alternatives to @karlrove on FOX, Joe Walsh (@WalshFreedom) February 5, 2013’

Feathers and fur will be flying for the foreseeable future.

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