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Lounge: playing around with Quipio [updated – now with POLL]

There’s a new social app (just what we need!) called Quipio. It lets you combine a picture with words. It reminds me of Haiku Deck with the additional limit of a single frame. I’ve had fun playing around with it and thought I’d share a few here – if you’re curious join me over the fold –  

 photo e22dad44f9cf7744ac40264ef85941c3.jpg

 photo 36bac44811714d4769844180c8d1c1e2.jpg

 photo 8ffada532338952027ba3f8420717da8.jpg

 photo 2ca89b7e869329a9d540f0b8a1fc2a91.jpg

 photo 8b023c38710d44d1d7f681c96db57116.jpg

 photo 2e1e8fa1e674842eff8080171450c5d9.jpg

 photo 08571338fec507b0da799e87987850b6.jpg

 photo Quip-1.jpg

 photo Quip-2.jpg

 photo Quip-3.jpg

 photo Quip-4.jpg

 photo Quip-5.jpg

(this image is of Javert on the bridge)

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