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Tuesday Morning Herd Check-in and Open Thread for the Moosekins

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  1. Absent of late on the Moose, preparing the new book for launch at the end of the week.

    I wouldn’t mind some Moose comments on the following pitch video. (Password ‘Unbound’)

    Whole website and sample chapters up soon: I wonder if I should post a diary about it? Might interest some Meese, on the other hand continual self promotion diaries are very irksome

    What thinkest the Moozog?

  2. nannyboz

    We’re having our first cup of coffee and enjoying the pootie pic above.  Eye doc for me and vet for follow up for Sadie today.  Do we know how to have fun or what?  Have a mooselicious day all!

  3. mapamp

    I need to leave soon, but I am glad I checked in!

    I will see my first kid for speech therapy at 8:00 am and then just keep on going from there.

    There will be reports (evaluations, individualized education plans, etc.) to write, data to compile, filing to be done as well!

    I have often wished my job was to simply see the kids and to provide consultation to parents and teachers. That’s the fun part of the job 🙂

  4. Khloe

    and all is crispy. It will be a good day and stay inside to enjoy the fireplace.

    While the rest of you are enjoying breakfast this morning, the poots and I shall enjoy dinner. I’m getting the impression that the poots are hungry(and they out number me).

     photo catdinner.jpg

  5. dear occupant

    17 here on the lakefront, reaching a downright balmy 37. Fourth Alberta Clipper of past week on a more northerly track reducing its impact on Chicago; only a dusting or some freezing drizzle expected.

    ok, i think i’m officially tired of wearing practically everything i own to stay warm…..Spring Please. Tuesday is the first day of my workweek so,

    ‘i owe, i owe, it’s off to work i go..’

    enjoy your day MooZ.


  6. Jk2003

    Going up to near 30 today.  My two year old has a nasty cold and fights me wiping his nose with all his might.  We have a showing this am so ill start cleaning up once I finish this cup of coffee.  Have a great day!

  7. blue jersey mom

    snow overnight. I am headed to the office for a faculty meeting. It is so nice not to be teaching evening classes this term.  

  8. jsfox

    12 this AM and based on what Denise said snow is headed our way. Ended up never making it to the see Les Mis this weekend . . . best laid plans etc etc. :0)

    And today? Dough rising for baguettes to have with our onion soup and salad dinner tonight.

  9. iriti

    Crazy day today. Was 32 degrees this morning heading to the mid 40’s. Not sure what the temp is now.

    They predicted snow last night but they were just teasing. We only get snow when there’s a 20% chance, never when there’s an 80-90% chance.

    Happy Tuesday. At the end of today I’ll be halfway through my 4 day week.

  10. wordsinthewind

    heading towards the 70s for most of this week. The worst part about this weather is that the fruit trees get confused. And that sets up the Almost Annual Die-Off of the Fruit Blossoms, we’re lucky to get fruit one out of every five years.  

  11. bill d

    it is a foggy and sticky 59 degrees here in beautiful Fort Worth, Texas this mornig with a high today to scare 70.

    Hope everyone has as good a Tuesday as the world will allow.  

  12. raina

    I’m off shortly to get some gardening stuff so I can get start on the beds prep. Have a good Tuesday, y’all.

  13. LeftOverFlowerChild

    Little foggy in a few places but other than that, warm weather abounds. Thinking about doing a little gardening before the sun gets high, little ground prep for next month. Still thinking about that, spinning wheel is calling my name at the moment.

    From the “Well this is just got interesting” file…A court in Texas has ruled the school funding system in Texas is unconstitutional and the state is going to have to put more into the kitty and depend less on home and property taxes. A group of schools, rich and poor, sued the state over the cuts made in the last lege session. Now it’s on to the Texas Supreme Court. No telling how that will pan out.

    School Districts Prevail Over State

  14. Portlaw

    snowflake here and there. On a related note, I love reading about everybody’s weather. It makes the country seem whole and connected to me, Not sure that I’ve expressed that well but hope you get what I mean.

  15. pittiepat

    myself up to go to the gym.  Sad, but I only did one lap yesterday (really, really out of shape).  A nephew’s wife runs there every morning before leaving for work — she did 58 laps (9+miles) before breakfast!  She is a newly obsessed marathoner.  

  16. cassandracarolina

    Perennials cut back for the winter are showing fresh growth. I appreciate their tenacity, but wonder about this unusually warm winter.

    In unrelated news, my former boss who laid me off last June has been inviting me – more than once – to connect with her on LinkedIn. I have over 250 connections, but they are all people that I like, respect, admire, work well with, or otherwise feel add something positive. She just does not make the cut.

    Still, it might be time for some psy-ops. Any advice?? I know that the company is on a massive hiring/rehiring binge after many people were laid off, and many more left voluntarily. If I think of putting my foot back into that leg-hold trap, someone PLEASE talk me down!

  17. slksfca

    Boring weather here this morning. Grey and cool, like most mornings. I do see a thin sliver of pinky-blue sky far off to the north, somewhere above Marin or Sonoma. No actual fog here, though, which isn’t surprising as fog is more of a summer thing.

    Tomorrow I spend three hours in a class at the hospital preparatory to surgery at the end of the month. I hope it’s worth rousing myself out of the house at 8AM.

    To make up for that, on Friday I go to see Royal Treasures from the Louvre at the Legion of Honor Museum. Looks like a great way to end the week! 🙂

  18. Via Chicago

    It’s going up into the low 30’s today, and looks like we’re going to be riding the mid-30’s for the rest of the week. There’s a nice coating of snow on the ground finally, but I supposed it’s going to turn into dirty slush pretty soon.

    We’re heading to Steamboat CO next week to ski – they have plenty of snow right now, and I’m hoping for some fresh powder upon our arrival.  

  19. Abra Crabcakeya

    because I was awake all damned night here in Blount County , Alabama. NE of The Tragic City. Don’t know temp , but warmer than usual , not gonna look & tell y’all because I’m sort of churlish this morning. It’s a good mood for a curmudgeon , or at least fits. Did online IRS stuff last night – my first four – yay. Took twice as long as with form , pen , notepad & pencil , but I was talking to an interesting lady on the phone for most of the two hours. She is a retired paralegal , so was amused by my irritation with the process.I think she was pleased that she was so interesting to talk with that I wouldn’t stop the lively exchange just for IRS . My refund came out to be just like it was last year and the year before – to the $1.  

  20. BlueStateRedhead

    A good day thanks to the FBI hostage unit, for Ethan, for Midland and very far behind for what this stellar work by the the FBI and local police does to LaPierre’s credibility about gun hunkering down in gun culture land.

    Notice that the face of the final successful operation was the regional FBI head who spoke to my Northeast ears with a deep south accent.

    Smart optics, FBI!  

  21. Abra Crabcakeya

    blosson, tra – la. Tuesday night around 8:00 Tsula was making gestures ‘n’ back and forth with a deer and edge of yard – scene lit by my Christmas lights over back door , LOL! Deer would lower head and stare , then snap head back up suddenly ; Tsula, from safety of porch , was growling and had the hair on her back standing up.She was highly pissed that I caled her in  so let her out a few minutes later. No deer now , but she was enthralled by listening to the year’s first spring peepers. Nasty look from her got me to agree to let her stay out on porch until she asked to come back in.Foggy out , a little cool , a one – brick night for propane fire in the wall. Good night for critter roamings.

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